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Monday, 31 January 2011

BLOG: Today's set to be a busy day...

As you can see today has been a day of... business. Is that even a word? Anyway, no one cares as today is a day that I have alot to do, alot of birds to kill with many stones. Or less stones? Dammit, I'm confusing myself all of a sudden it's because of the Monday Musings it's thrown me off. I hope you guys liked it but to tell the truth; I've in fact wrote two sets of Monday Musings. One for here on the Authorial the ORIGINAL home of my creative and blogtastic writings and for me and my friend Paul's project:

 And... I apologize now for the mass amount of self plugging that's about to happen but me and my mate Paul had an awesome idea; I recently if you remember went into gaming journalism with a site called GGS. I liked the work, I really did but I don't think I'm a writer for them anymore. Nevermind, it's not a massive deal. It wasn't my sort of place and not my sort of party; what I want to do now is with JAG. I want to write truthful gaming news, from my perspective, a gamer's perspective not some bullshit politically correct crap.That's what JAG's about.

So, what's JAG all about; well bearing in mind it's me it's probably going to be slightly funny, slightly awkward and involving alot of mixed media such as videos. It's going to fun and involve banter (in the correct context not this shit thing everyone uses wrong.) So I'd check it out in the next couple of weeks as we get it up and running. It'll be fun.

Here's the site:

 Apart from that I have homework to clear, conversations to have and all sorts.So, as you can see there may also be a POR up tonight; you see I'm in life's fast lane at the moment. So we'll see what happens tonight. HA HA!


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