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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

BLOG: Well...

Hmmmm, I'm getting a lot of pressure for stuff. Prisoners of Reach may take some time to get up because I'm too busy thinking of stuff and the fact that I have alot of other writing commitments at the moment with my position with GGS and school. It kind of sucks cause I miss the authorial. I have too much to do man...

Anyway, there will be some HALO up this week (it's just when that's the actual question.) Anyway, if anyone's looking for tunes to listen to the get your ass on youtube and check out City and Colour - Home. It's good chilling music, I like it and listening to it right now is kind of nice.

Anyway Ciassou... x


  1. Also, another thing for you all to think about is how clever the name city&colour really is, Dallas Green - Dallas = city; Green = colour. Clever right? :)

  2. I was rather impressed when I worked it out.
    I'm a clever Jenni :D