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Thursday, 13 January 2011


(Author's Notes: So let's get it on. Damn you fillers, just damn you!)

Reach Time: 15:30pm
Date: January 20th 2552 (7 Months and 10 Days before Reach falls)
Location: Espoz Desert

 The blades of the falcon where picking up speed and the green plains  just continued to flow past like a mighty river. I had a great view from my seat but it was hard to concentrate when I realised something, Mike or "Sypder" as we'd come to know him as was twitching repeatedly. His leg just seemed to bop up and down continuously and so quickly that it blurred. I thought I was the only one to notice. However, Cyph3r himself leant forward towards the courier and grunted "Dude, are you ok?"

"Me?" replied Spyder.
"Yes you."
The courier looked as nervous as me almost but he wasn't nervous but instead like Cyph3r he was just rather bored. They both exchanged a look, a troublesome look, then turned to me. I gulped. A sense of great delight emitting from the two as they shimmied closer to my side of the Falcon. I closed my eyes, nervously thinking the great soaring vehicle would tilt with so much weight on one side. Opening my eyes though, I saw it was steady and looked towards my commander. "Anything I can help you with Boss?" The white Spartan tapped his helmet furiously as the courier prompted him on. Whatever it was they were planning was going to mean a lot of trouble on my part. Although what Cyph3r asked me was easier said then done. "I'm bored." he groaned Spyder still prompting heavily "And an in flight movie may help us out so we were wondering if..."
"If I could hack the command module to pick up TV signal...?"
The commander nodded at me "Good work Orso. You'll make a good team member yet."
"You what?"

 When I agreed I didn't quite know that they wanted it done instantly, I thought I'd at least be able to ask Johnathon to land but instead, hundreds of feet above the ground; unfastened and in an open-sided vehicle I would have to do it myself. There was a long unsettling pause as I made my way to the terminal from my seat, not a word seemed to be spoken. They watched me expectingly as I dropped onto one knee, sweating. I hated flying anyway, this was a huge leap in facing my fear. As I worked away; I felt every twist, every turn and every shudder that hit the Falcon. Rod said nothing but shook his head at me as sparks flew from the module. "This....there... blue wire..." I commented to myself as I worked. I kept going rearranging wires and tapping away at my tact pad until Spyder gave a huge shout of excitement "IT WORKS!"

 I'd never moved so fast, before they could even thank me I was back in my seat at the gun tightly fastened and holding on for dear life once again. "Thanks Orso." was all I could hear around me as I tightly shut my eyes. Get me the fuck out of this death trap! was all I could think. The program buzzed and made a racket in the back of the Falcon and eventually everyone did turn to watch it. Corbett may have been watching it too, if the same principle for the briefing applied to the TV. But the buzzing sound that pierced the whole teams ear drums soon drowned it out and the screens flashed red with ALERT and ATTENTION. "John, what the fuck is going on i was watching that!?" yelled Cyph3r grasping on as John manoeuvred wildly. I gripped onto the gun, shaking as the Falcon bucked and dived. "JOHNATHON!"

 It was then that a force smacked me me straight in the face, a rocket screeched through the air and exploded only a few metres away from us. The light blinded me and the heat baked me in my green metallic suit. "Shit!" I yelled trying to find our attackers. Nothing, I couldn't see anything and Rod as well could not lay an eye on our ghostly attackers. "JOHN FUCKING MOVE FOR FUCK-!"

 I felt another vault forward and saw smoke on my side. The rocket had hit our engine and we like in all my worst nightmares about flying were about to crash into the hard earth below. We hadn't seen them coming and as we nose dived towards the ground Cyph3r and Spyder were screaming at me to jump. I was frozen in terror though. I didn't move and I didn't reply. There was a huge metallic thud, a long skidding sound as we tumbled upside down and rolled leaving parts of the downed Falcon behind. Then suddenly... my world was black....

 I knew I wasn't dead because being dead wouldn't hurt as much as this did, my eyes adjusted and my head spun wildly. I could hear flames and voices in the distance; I looked up. Cyph3r stood over me black marks all over his armour, his visor had my reflection in and he offered me a hand up. Standing up proved easier then expected and as I stretched out my wounds I saw Cyph3r and Rod had both made it out. Johnathon kicked his way out of the cock-pit behind us but Spyder was nowhere to be seen. "You OK Kiddo?" asked Rod putting a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at the giant Spartan "Yeah, yeah sure." I picked up my rifle. Cyph3r had Corbett on his shoulder but still surveyed the wreckage for himself.

"Oh," muttered the Commander to himself "He had potential as well, I mean he was a good guy." Cyph3r then dropped Corbett onto the floor and tapped his helmet. The wreckage moved...
It moved again...
And then a third time...
The fourth through it burst open revealing a very angry courier holding the mobile commander module under one arm. He was growling to himself as he looked at us. "You fuckers!" he growled "That is the last time I ever get in ANY vehicle, EVER!" He didn't notice how bewildered we were as he ranted; not that he was alive but that he had the module under his arm. We continued as we should to listen but in the end Rod had to stop him. "Why have you got the module under your arm?" he asked politely.
The courier shrugged "What, this?"
"Yes, that."
"Oh well... it's nice. Isn't it?"

 All four of us laughed loudly; "Bloody hell Corbett." was all that seemed to come out of my mouth laughing proved too painful. Cyph3r though looked at his tact-pad and then at us. "Not far to go, stop kissing each other's boo boos and start making some tracks. We're on a mission." Johnathon got himself up, he seemed quiet. Rod just brushed himself down and grabbed his beloved turret whilst Spyder was gone. He'd obviously gone ahead. I knew he was speedy but I didn't even notice him leave, I felt quite odd. I hadn't even noticed. "Orso, you coming?"

 Rifle in hand I just scuttled forward towards the team and began marching with them, the sun was going down. You could say it would be a bad idea to go on through the night but Cyph3r though, looked determined. We'd been walking for hours before he finally stopped, sat down himself and then started tapping his helmet repeatedly. The others all went about their own business but me, I was curious. The commander had hardly said anything, nobody had. It could've been the shock from the crash or the fact he was up to something and I was prepared to think the latter. 

"Tartarus, it's Spyder!" came a voice through the comms.
"Spyder!?" I yelled back at the voice.
"Yeah! I'm at camp now, I told them the situation. Warthogs are on route now. See I'm good to you!"

Cyph3r laughed "That makes my smoke signals idea redundant then!"
We looked at each other for a second and then laughed along. I think we were just glad we survived really. Brushing ourselves down. We waited and waited. It was a while before the warthog lights interrupted our conversation and Tanja stepped out with Carter. "Anyone call for a lift?" she joked helping me up and also brushing some dust off. "Hey," I said sheepishly "You ok?"
"Me?" she asked "I'm fine it's you who's a state."
We both laughed until I winced with pain and she escorted me back to the warthog. Cyph3r was already there and in unison we both took our helmets off and looked at one and other.
"Is it always going to be like this Cy?"
"I bloody hope so!"

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