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Sunday, 16 January 2011


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well with all this, it's time to set up, the interlude seems cool, so now now it's time to move on! Well, well... HERE WE GO!

Reach Time: 15:51pm
Date: January 20th 2552 (7 Months and 10 Days before Reach falls)
Location: Espoz Desert (En Route in WARTHOGS to UNSC "Camp HERD'S Rest")

 I didn't look at Tanja as she focused on the road, I was too busy trying to brush off the black ash and soot that blemished my green armour. Cyph3r, who was next to me was also patting himself down. The Warthog behind us had a silent Corbett, he hadn't spoken since the incident and without being able to see behind his visor we couldn't tell if he was in shock or not. Rod though towered his arms over the windscreen frame and his helmet was off, letting the wind whistle through his hair. He'd steal a glimpse at poor John, but still neither said a word.

 I looked back, Cyph3r too and Carter quickly decided that the most appropriate greeting to Cyph3r's attention was a middle finger. Cyph3r turned his head back at me "Did that mother-?"
"Yes, yes he did." groaned Tanja, watching in her mirror "Will you two sit still?" I suddenly felt embarrassed. Her  armour caught glimpses of the sunlight and kept reflecting into the mirrors. A problem when you you have bright coloured armour. The same even happened to my silver visor, so I took it off, the helmet sweltering still from the crash. My eyes aching at the now unrestricted sunlight. "Darn it's bright," I groaned towards Cyph3r who was now asleep beside me, snoring. It was enough to make my ears bleed. However, Tanja, ever on her guard noticed me. She was extremely aware. Probably something that earned her, her Captaincy. She laughed. "I don't know if you've noticed big guy but... you're bleeding."

It was true, on both counts. I hadn't noticed but once I ran my gloved hand over my face a ruby substance was now present upon my finger tips. It was like a sick sparkle on a dark hand. "Ouch." I groaned again still slightly dazed from the crash. Tanja though, managed to keep her eyes on the road as she passed me the medical kit from the passenger side. "Clean yourself up, don't want to go messing up that pretty face now..."
"Excuse me?" I replied
"Oh, nothing." she chuckled watching me dab myself with the cloths. It was all to obvious that I had no idea what I was doing and Cyph3r snoring next to me made it all the more harder to concentrate on my wounds. It was also beginning to become a bumpy ride. "You want me to come kiss it better for you Orso?"
"No thank you." I said sarcastically. It was then Cyph3r decided to wake up, I thought that it was because kisses were now up for grabs. He took no time to think of something: "If you're offering I have this throbbing pain on my crotch area!" Tanja stopped the car suddenly making the both of us lunge forward. I hit my head and Cyph3r somehow (and ironically) his crotch. "No Cyph3r, just no." The two of us were rubbing our injuries (Cyph3r's a little more unsettling then mine) and looked around us. "We need to get out now anyway."

 The driver leapt out and left us to ourselves and I was tempted to follow but I couldn't leave my Commander wailing in the back seats holding his balls. So I helped Cyph3r up and Rod and a silent John came and stood beside me. "What happened?" asked Rod, sceptically pointing at the white wailing Spartan. The two of us laughed and we dragged him to a tent. Spyder was already waiting...

 "What the fuck happened to you lot?" He asked, feet up and a mug in his hand "Tea anyone, oh yeah you guys have another letter." Taking a slurp of his tea he threw me the letter and somehow, I caught it. Cyph3r was still wailing so I took it upon myself (with Johnathon still playing Mute) to open it myself. Rod had kicked back and relaxed, while I read the letter wrote in exceptional handwriting:

               Due to new confidential classifications now surrounding the team, new service tags are to be put into immediate effect. From now on you will be known:
Cyph3r = WOLF (to remain the same)
Rodriguez = BULL (From M24)
Orso = BEAR (From AH92)
Corbett = RAM (From H463)
this service tags will prevent back searching and links to yourself. Immediately effective.  Have fun.

- Xiang 

I looked at the piece of paper and repeated it back to the squad. The three nodded and I just looked at my name "My name means Bear..." I pondered.
"No one knows that." Said Rod.
"No one gives a shit." yelled Cyph3r getting up. We all looked at one and other. It was Carter who interrupted the silence "The teams have been announced, better go look."

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