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Monday, 31 January 2011

MONDAY MUSING: The Nerd Triumphrant

Well, my friend Spyder has asked me to do a new Monday Musings section of the authorial so, here it is. The Adderson Authorial now has a Monday; now what are Monday Musings I hear you ask? Well basically what they are is my thoughts on a Monday. I dunno what's so special about my thoughts on a Monday but each to their own; I think all the time. Ok so I lied. I hardly think at all...

 Well this weeks Musing is to take the form of a "Nerd Triumphant" i.e three things that Nerds have to like in order to be part of the queue which is Nerd Culture. I was thinking that these three would be Gaming, Comics and Anime (as manga comes under comic). Well, you'd think it wouldn't you, because nerds take the time and get excited about these three things that it has to be the case. I love all three but don't consider myself a huge Nerd.

 What's more is you can see that I am an outsider from the rest of my peers because I talk about what excites me (in a non sexual way) like gaming news and new releases, or the fact Naruto's about to showdown with Sasuke in a winner takes all brawl in volume 123217321732179321 of Naruto. I dunno, it's just what I've observed these days. I think I'm a nerd, I'm not really bothered about the title; I play games, I read comics but I also listen to massive amounts of music which can be considered nerdy (i.e anything that isn't really said really fast by a black dude.)

 So, what do you do if you like these three things. I love all three and music. Is the SS going to come in the night, take me to a dark woods and shoot me. Doubt it, not because of recent reports of Balverine attacks but because the SS don't exist anymore. NO! What i meant to say was that it's not a bad thing to be nerdy, in fact it's better then being an asshole and face it people; we know thousands of them no need to add yourself to the list.

Well, this was my first Monday Musing. Hope you liked it.
Ciassou x

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