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Sunday, 27 February 2011

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Joint Operation SHEPARD The Beauty, The Bear and the Fox

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well, been a while. It's a busy time for me; Universities and stuff. Also had a bit of a strange time involving the story tears and such. It's just be erratic and hectic. Total Angel Wings at times too. However, I'm on it. I'm back in the zone and stuff.)

Reach Time: 08:34 am
Date: January 21st 2552 (7 months and 10 days till Reach falls)
Location: BF1 of Covenant Research Facility, Main Lab 1

Tanja looked at the two of us now confused. I took Casey's helmet and began to hard wire in all my new communications technology. Casey though still confused looked Tanja up and down before pointing towards a terminal. "The communications problems are to do with that terminal," said the red armoured Spartan still stroking his hands "Chetan was always going on about how he 'foresaw' the inevitability in a UNSC siege of the building; him being the 'greatest mind' and all that bollocks. The word's I used to describe him are a lot less pleasant." Tanja walked towards the console hesitantly before turning back to me "I have no Idea Orso."

 I passed Casey his hat, which he took with the slightest hint of distancing himself from me. He looked at Tanja again and then looked at me: "So, you two an...?"
"No." The two of us replied bluntly with me soon returning to my work emabarassed as I flciked switch upon switch, re routed wire upon wire and tunred back hearing in all it's glory Cyph3r's distinct voice...
"I knew it'd been too quiet." groaned Tanja holding her head in agony, Casey now also enjoying the delight of our commander screaming profanities and other abusive language. "EAT YOUR OWN FACE! Wait... No, You... Shit."
"Casey!? I knew you weren't dead! You twat, where have you been..."
"Crucified to a wall sir."
"Auditioning for Jesus Christ Superstar were we?"
"Ha ha... funny."

 Tanja was growing mor eand more impatient hinting at me to urge the two from their little catch up session; I didn't want to but Tanja, grabbing the back of my head, pushed me forward. "Well, Cy, it seems we've lost our NOBLE companions..."
"Ain't we all the bastards all went and left!"
"They've all deserted, I'm making my way to you, be careful they're making their way into the lower levels as they fall back! AGH! YOU-!" as the speech drew to a close I looked towards the poor scientists. Whom all sat in their own faeces and were surrounded by their own sick. I heaved in my suit, looking at them all and Tanja seemed to almost be crying at the poor sight they had all become. These great minds were now broken, their lives probably never the same after such a traumatic situation but Casey the persistent joker thought now was the most appropriate time to crack a joke about the dishevelled messes that now lay in front of us. "Well if they moved... it would've been a shocking experience." Tanja and I looked at him, shocked and appalled "See what I did there?" 
The red Spartan looked down at his feet as if ashamed, as he should have been. Tanja pushed past him "Now let's get them out of here. Now." She shot at their cuffs, releasing them one at a time and I followed suit. However, Casey's gun was just for show as his hands, although now hole-less his nerves were in fact still a mess and like my shoulder would still be useless for a pretty long time. So he watched our backs, looking at the terminals which displayed images of troops moving all around the base. It had become a very luxurious item...

 "We're done here, wait..." I said watching the scientists hobble their way towards our own personal entrance "Is that NOBLE?" The screen flickered as I tapped wildly at the console to bring up a large video stream of NOBLE team creeping up the corridors towards the base's main hub. They'd left a trail of carnage behind them but they were totally silent from the rest of the SHEPARD team. All six of them including Kat and Emile were soon to engage Mallik's personal guard at the door. Once the fire fight had begun, trouble began to follow...

 I tapped wildly again at the console seeing that all teams had joined together led by Cyph3r and were pushing back the enemy towards NOBLE's back. They would be trapped. "Cyph3r, you have to stop, NOBLE are going to be trapped if you proceed. STOP!" You could actually see Cyph3r shaking his head and keep going, he wasn't Carter's biggest fan and had obviously taken being deserted personally "It's their own fault."

I signalled to Casey and Tanja watched as the last of the scientists went back the way we had personally came. Tanja looked back at me and I looked at her for an answer. She didn't have one though, we all had personally grievances against NOBLE, they were annoying and pompous and genuine idiots. Yet, they were Spartans like us. We had to look out for each other, yet, no one had made any sort of suggestion as to what our next move was or even if we had a next move. Tanja though, nodded at Casey whom she seemed to respect and he in turn looked at me. I began to feel awkward.

 "Let's move." said Casey "We'll get back with our won teams like NOBLE have and stop them getting massacred. Save the day, get the glory, watch them get their asses chewed off by a very pre-menstrual Xiang." I didn't want the thought of Xiang on her period, but what my mind had seen it could not un-see and it was made worse by Cyph3r also being put into the image. Tanja agreed and we were soon sprinting down the corridors towards our objective. We had to apprehend them all, Tobias Mallik, Renuku and Chetan Woot. I was still confused as to NOBLE's true intention but I followed Tanja, I trusted her but I still wasn't too confident in what was going on. 

 Something else was going on that I didn't understand. I didn't feel comfortable and I had stayed silent most the time. I was trying to figure it out, what was really going on here. I didn't think Carter would do such a thing randomly, I thought of Xiang and Holland the former's reaction to the latter. The unease that seemed to grip her but then Tanja took me by surprise, looking at me and allowing me to run into her...

"Are you ok?" she asked "You've been quiet. It's not like you..." I looked her up and down, until another hand grasped my shoulder "You ok there?" said Casey, I was confused as well as to who my red friend was everyone knew him but me and that put me at a slight disadvantage. It gave me a weakness, it made me uncomfortable. "Casey, who the hell are you? and what the hell happened to you, you're in my team but I haven't even heard of you!" I pointed my gun at him, "How can we even trust you?"
"Don't worry, Tanja, my sweet, He's just cautious and afraid..."
"I am not afraid."
"I was grabbed by Renuku and Chetan when I was scouting ahead of Operation Thunderstruck." explained Casey tensing his hand and watching his hand move oddly "And I've been here ever since, as Tartarus are top secret we don't really talk about it." he again tensed his hand "Plus, Cyph3r knew I wasn't dead, which is cool I suppose but I also suppose why he didn't talk about it, he knew I'd turn up."
"You're the only one stupid as he is." interjected Tanja.

 I put down my rifle and sighed, my head hurt and I felt slightly sick. I just didn't understand what was going on. It was disorientating me. Tanja took off my helmet and her own to look me in the eyes "You aren't looking good, do you want me to call Spyder and Ellen..."

"I wouldn't..." came a voice from above, raining down two arrows on the two other, Casey having his head narrowly missed and the other falling in between Tanja's feet. I pulled her forwards and stood in front her like a giant shield, then what I thought were arrows were not arrows at all and who I thought was Renuku was not Renuku at all. Instead the pink needles exploded after a short amount of time and a white outline could be seen in the shadows. The figure threw forward Ellen and Spyderman, letting them hit the floor with enormous thuds. It then laughed to itself,  "Don't worry they aren't dead...just subdued like you will soon be..."

"Like fuck," yelled Casey "Come get me!"
"A beauty, a Bear and a Fox, Renuku will be jealous that my hunt has actually led me to such awesome game!" the figure stepped out from the shadows his Needlers ready...

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