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Monday, 7 February 2011


Name: Casey Turner
D.O.B: 31st December 2515
Age: 37
Ethnicity: White British
Service Tag: FOX
Rank: Corporal (EX-Captain)
Ability: Bubble Shield
Primary Weapon: DMR
Secondary Weapon: Dual SMG
Grenade Type: Fragmentation
Specialism: All Purpose

Born on reach, Turner’s mum died during labour and his father went on to pursue a career in ODST, this career was cut short on Casey’s 9th birthday when the UNSC gave him news that his Father had died taking a Gravity Hammer to the abdomen resulting in many broken bones and internal bleeding. With this, Casey was sent to military academy from which he graduated with distinction, almost following in his Father’s footsteps as a perfect candidate for ODST.

However, Case was placed in the Spartan program at request of his superiors and thanks to the watchful eye of ONI whom had been tracking his progress. Once augmented he became a captain of his own personal branch of ODSTs, old rivalries between the two groups caused friction but in the end Casey was able to gain respect from his team.

It was then Casey Turner’s team was sent on mission of great importance to kill a Prophet on the planet of Onyx. The mission was a nightmare with civilians being caught up in the fire fight; Casey took it upon himself to mount their rescue. He saw his whole squad wiped out but a 97% survival rate within the evacuated civilians. To spite this achievement, the Prophet escaped and Turner was ridiculed for his deviation from the plan and demoted.

It was thanks to this demotion that Turner was reassigned to the ailing Team Tartarus whom had recently lost 2 members (Johnathon Corbett filling the other place); he became the third longest serving member along apart from Rodriguez and the Captain. The three were close, even though Casey could easily grind a few gears. Casey was also an asset as he had no particular specialism and could in fact undertake almost any kind of mission; sent on a mission to Recon an outpost taken over by rogue Spartan soldiers by High brass and has been MIA ever since.

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