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Monday, 7 February 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Webcamz I haz it!

 Well, I got a package. From Canada, it had been coming for a long time and in it was this webcam. I haven't had one in such a long time really. I kind of forgot how to use one, they're not very tricky though. So now I've been going cam crazy using it to record stupid things and call people; it is really fun. I'm glad my friend Tanja pastor got me one. I just need to send her a letter in reply now though. Hmmmm, what to write is a bit of a tricky situation though, never was a great letter man. I can write all this other stuff and then it comes down to a letter and I suck. I just don't get it...

 Anyway, back to the cam. I've recorded bey I'm blade battles my Monday Musings for JAG which I'm going to  upload very shortly. This thing is pretty awesome; little microsoft thing. it's going to come in useful.... somehow. Not quite sure yet but somehow I'm going to incorporate it into the authorial. Just you wait...

 Well, today's been busy. This is all I've really had to muse about the use of this cam. Let's hope this week brings more exciting things.

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