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Monday, 30 May 2011

MONDAY MUSING: The Bridgeport Prize 2011

Well, last week I was given a piece of paper by my lovely English Literature teacher Seely Westley; it was a entry form to the Bridgeport Prize 2011. It's a competition that would see me potential win £5000 for a 1st prize entry and have me realise my dream of publication and to Miss Westley I am rather grateful.

 However, I'm not entirely sure if I want to enter. I'd personally enter two catergories: Poetry and Short story. Poems a max 45 lines and Short Story at 5000 words. I just don't know if I'm good enough; if I can do it. I want to, I want to give it my best shot. Yet, if I fail then what?

Is that it? Should I give up now?

 I'm not totally sure but if I can get ten grand for it then I may as well try, right?
Well, who knows.


Sunday, 29 May 2011


After all the crap I went through to get this video done and uploaded and edited... I almost died. The day me and Zach filmed this I almost died with all the mishaps but it went ok; me and Zach made quite a team I think and I do like the video.

So, this is mine and Zach's brotherly banter about our trip to Stratford on Sunday 22nd May. It was a nice lovely trip filled with Shakespeary things for me to do and alot of inspiration for a young aspiring actor. It was nice and Me and Zach enjoyed it thoroughly and I hope that comes across in this video the second VLOG of the authorial.

Anyway, time for some shameless plugging of the YOUTUBE channel; please if you wouldn't mind rate an comment videos! It'd be nice to get some traffic! And subscribe too lovelys!


Monday, 23 May 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Yet, I am not amused!

They say when life hands you lemons make lemonade; I personally get out the tequila myself but unfortunately life has not handed me said lemons. In fact, it has handed me nothing. From loosing one of my books to Windows Movie Maker crashing last minute on the latest video; today's not been a good writing day it seems. And that is sad. Even now I am racing to beat my timer before it goes off.

However, even though today has been a disaster look at the video I upload tomorrow featuring me, my brother and banter.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

POETRY: A Decade.

To Melvin 'George' Hawdon, Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather.
Still one of the greatest men I've ever known.

It's really been that long,
19th May.
It's your day.
And like a grenade in my hand
I wait for it to go off
The realisation,
That this year marks a decade.
I was 8, you've missed a lot,
The birds and the bees,
Me falling in love,
Exam season,
My 18th birthday,
The pub; necking a pint.
All things I know you'd of liked to see
Me, grow up.
And I am sad, for I have no stories
Not like the others do
Of you.
I can't tell my children about you,
Not like I've been told about you, the legends.
Even though these moments you missed,
I always spared a thought, about you, asking...

"Would you be proud of me now?"

And I hope you are.
It's really been a decade,
It's really been so long.
But it still hasn't been forgotten,
Nor will it ever be.
Rest in peace Granddad;
I miss you,
You've missed a lot
I hope I make you proud in the long run.

BLOG: Working hard or hardly working?

Well, I can say yes, I have been slacking on some fronts but on others I haven't and with exams on the way pretty darn quickly it seems as though kicking it into a high gear would be a tad of an understatement. So, it seems as though stuff may be taking the back foot whilst exam season closes in.

 However, it's ok because for English I'm reading alot of books (No, you don't understand what I mean) so I could possibly review those in order to like keep my posting up. I think long prose and stuff maybe abit too much to squeeze in with revision and stuff; considering, that Dead West can be like up to 7 A4 pages of size 12 font...

Although I'm pretty impressed with the new idea, it's snowballing in my head with everyday that passes so by Monday I should be able to post up a Musing that contains the finished and complete details of the story and such. Apart from that POR and Dead West may have to wait. Vlogs too maybe delayed. It's sad, I know but I need to think about my future here. If I want to do this as a profession I need to go to Uni.

 If I want to be Poet Laureate, need Uni.
 If I want to leave, need Uni.
 In all I need University.

So... let's just see how it goes for a bit but y'know it'll be an adventure.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

BLOG: Idea, developing.

Well this new idea I've been having has received some really positive feedback and stuff and the Title suggestions have been great. I'm really appreciating what you guys are doing for me so, do not panic once this is all sorted out HALO and Dead West will resume and I will film another video log show casing my own personal bookshelves. Why? Because you can tell a person by their bookshelf and you can see a writers influence from books they read themselves.

 Anyway, I've taken on board the criticism that thye story has too many characters so i may get rid of two of the bad guys and instead make MARQUIS DA SILVA the main antagonist of the project rather then have multiple. As well as getting rid of them I may scrap Bella's friend and instead call Bella, Orsa because the name Bella always remindsme of Twilight and you know what, I really cannot be doing with that.

 Anywa, I'd still appreciate your suggestions, opinions and so on so please check back to the last Monday Musing (which is now ever so easy thanks to the tab system at the top of the page) and comment that with anything you want to say about the new project idea. Like I said thanks to those who have and I really look forward to seeing this come to fruition.


Monday, 16 May 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Ideaaaaaaa!

Well, like the title says I have an idea; an idea for a new story. I have a concept but no title at the moment as I'm still kind of working through it to get the best out of it. I've proposed it to my little brother and he, himself is pretty impressed with it he even said it was "kind of sad". Anyway, what's happened is that I've always wanted to try my hand at fantasy writing, being the nerd I am but have always been scared to make this huge world out of nothing due to the fact I may steal ideas from elsewhere; however, after watching Eragon and remembering  how much I loved those books I finally decided to grow a pair and try my hand at fantasy writing.

 However, what then happened is I got playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on my XBOX360 and thought to myself: "I do love Italy" and then began to incorporate Italian like concepts into my fantasy world like a city of canals and art and Shakespearean sword fighting. So in retrospect I made a sort of Fantasy-esque Shakespearean world with Aristocrats and Academics and corruption and honour.

 All these things soon snowballed into one and I created my world, characters and a general plot. So what this post is for is to show you guys what I'm working with get your thoughts and feelings and also pick you Authorial Addicts brains for a possible title. Anyway here goes...

The Setting:
Our story takes place in the Independent City State of L'Arca (Which means The Ark in Italian) which is alot like Venice a huge City equivilant to the size of London or maybe even bigger that has a vast network of Canals and bridges to cross said Canals. The main Canal that flows through the city is called 'La Linea Di Vita' (The Lifeline, again Italian) which is the main furrow fair of the city. The city itself is beautiful holding academies, churches, museums and galleries. L'Arca really is like Renaissance Italy where everything that seems to be happening whether it be fashion or scientific discovery was happening there, in this one city. The outskirts of the city are where the poorer residents live and as you get closer to the centre the richer people get. Through magic bridges have been converted in huge gardens and parks and in some places even forests and most of the farming is done on the banks or shallows of the Canal Network.

 However, the bigger picture is that L'Arca is actually in the middle of a war zone all around it battle lines have been drawn. L'Arca has managed to secure it's independence, safety and neutrality but most believe it is only a matter of time before the beautiful city itself is swept away in the tides of war...

General Plot Overview:
 The plot centres around to L'Arcan youths; Vermeleo and Virizio who are the best of friends and also from well of families. The two share a relationship which derives around a sort of friendly rivalry and although polar opposites in some respects the two make an awesome team. Yet, when the situation around them changes and the two boys find themselves divided their friendship will be put to the test in some of the greatest ways imaginable...


Virizio Alliuri - A young academic and son of Maestro Guatelli Alliuri; Virizio is the oldest of seven siblings. He is a studious and sometimes reclusive young man preferring the fictional characters of his books rather then the company of real people. An awkward gangly youth, he has been Vermeleo's friend since an early age and is often the calming influence to his friends hot temper. His dreams are to be a celebrated poet and most of the time he describes himself as his own 'worst critique' often describing Vermeleo as the 'interesting one' of their pairing.

Vermeleo Tichenti - A boisterous L'Arcan youth and friend of Virizio. Vermeleo is known as a man about town; able to woo women and fight all comers. Rarely seen without a sword, Vermeleo is a magnet to trouble. His manner is one of over confidence, cockiness and rudeness but inside he houses a deeper emotional pool. He is an only child but treats Virizio like a little brother and is one of the few people who can pry his friend out of his shell or even better his books. He is the son of Signore Tichenti Tichentia; a famous war hero and he too aspires to be like his father.

Bella Buenasea - The Captain of the guards daughter and a fair maiden. Bella is both a talented fencer and a star academic. Both her skills inherited from her father. She is dissatisfied with her current state of living; she misses her mother and does not understand her father. She meets Virizio and Vermeleo by accident and their fates soon become entwined.

Orsa Fentacosta -  Orsa is Bella's friend and Kaskare's ward. Orphaned by the war Orsa was sent by her parents as a refugee and obeying her families last dying wish to have her safe Kaskare adopted her. She is also quite beautiful but is believed to be mute as she is rarely ever speaks. She can talk however, she just only opens up to certain people like Bella and Kaskare but when she meets Virizio; she thinks she has found a kindred spirit.

Maestro Guatelli Alliuri - Father of Virizio and a master writer in the form of prose and fiction. He is a well renowned novelist and a great teacher at one of L'Arca's top academies. He is very proud of his son and intrigued that his son has inherited the nature he had in his own youth including his friendly rivalry with his Tichenti peer.

Fiore Alliruri - Virizio's mother and prime care giver to her 7 children. She has a close bond with her son and is his works biggest fan but can be slightly over protective. She unlike Guatelli is not Vermeleo's biggest fan thinking that his mannerisms will one day cause her son harm.

Alta Madre Sicillia - Sovereign of L'Arca; Alta Madre Sicillia is a wise leader who values her people. She has tried to improve the living conditions all over L'Arca and it is mainly down to her why the city is now such a success. However, she grows ever more worried about the war that surrounds her beloved city....

Signore Kaskare Buenasea - Widowed Father of Bella and Captain of the city guard; Kaskare is ever desperate to protect his daughter from the cruelties of the world and his actions are often misconstrued as cruel. This is because he is unsure of what to do with a Daughter and is still heavily grieving for his wife.

Signore Tichenti Tichenti - Vermeleo's father and a decorated war hero. A long time friend of Guatelli Alliuri, Tichenti and he share the same type of mock rivalry as their sons. He seems to encourage his son's behaviour (especially when it comes to women) and this sees him incur the wrath of both his own and Guatelli's wife.

Angela Tichenti - Vermeleo's mother and the most strict of his two parents. She constantly compares him to Virizio and is a friend of Virizio's mother Fiore. She is feared by both generations of the Tichenti and Alliuri men.

King Ottu - King of the Nitans, a race of exotic people that come from Islands south of L'Arcan. He is a most terrifying leader of the current warring states said to take to battle like a plague; quick and with a trail of dead bodies.

Holy Emperor Sal - The 17th leader of the Holy Empire west of L'Arca; he is a young and charismatic leader. Sal is devote in his faith to God and this makes him unable to accept his own mistakes as he often declares them 'God's will'. His followers are fanatic but he currently holds the greatest relationship with L'Arca and is constantly aware that this could benefit him in the future. His youth though can lead to his downfall...

Marquis Da Silva - Not much is known about the Marquis not even gender. All that is known is that the aristocrat led an uprising within the territories of The Holy Empire and has managed to gain substantial amounts of ground thanks to lower level corruption within the Empire swaying public opinion to their cause. The Marquis has some of the lands finest warriors under their livery.

These are only brief notes on each of these aspects but I would be very grateful for any comments left on this post with any suggestions, opinions and most of all titles for the piece. Bearing in mind if the response is negative I will not pursue this idea, if you wish to see it come to life please comment. It would be very much appreciated. Comment the authorial and let's see where this goes!

Friday, 13 May 2011

BLOG: It makes me sad when...

It makes me sad when you see an awesome film with an opening ending and there is no damn sequel! Sequel-less are films are one of the most sad things in my life; I just can't bloody hack not seeing what happens next man, it should be a crime!

 A good example of this would be one of my favourite films; Daredevil! The film is amazing and even has Ben Affleck in a sort of competent role. He looked awesome, he did awesome and the whole film is pretty amazing with a stunning cast of the likes of Colin Farrell and Jennifer Garner making the film a whole event. A real piece of awesomeness. The thing is, there's a small part during the credits that shows a hospitalised Bullseye being pestered by a fly in his isolated cell like ward and he actually managed to kill the fly with a throwing weapon. The fact that this happens and we don't see what the hell happens next is bloody annoying! it just lets your imagination run wild and it's annoying! I want to see the next bit, I want to see what happens...

 Even though, Elektra spun off from Daredevil it wasn't quite Daredevil 2; it even set us up for a Daredevil and Elektra reunion in a possible sequel! Like in the comics! DAMMIT! There are so many films, so many darn films that need sequels; don't get them and the films that do are pretty rubbish. Darn, darn, darn. Look at the rage it brings out in me and it makes me tear up a little inside.

So, the thing is let's see some sequels to good films!


Thursday, 12 May 2011

VLOG: Well, this is new....

Why hello there Authorial fans today's the day we see the Authorial hit a new dimension and that dimension is: VIDEO!

 Okay, so it's not HD quality and professionally edited but I'm quite proud of this video considering I'm only just getting started on the whole movie editing thing! It's got some bite to it thanks to the grittiness and like I said I'm really proud.
Anyway, the Authorial now has a Youtube channel I'd check out and follow and stuff in order to see some more video action because yes there will be videos on there you do not see on here! So, check it out! This video is more a genral intro to the whole Authorial and the fact we're using videos, it's explaining what I do and how to navigate the site. That's it's use for now but soon we'll have a lot more fun on these videos of mine as I get to grip with the software and we get into some more juicy topics. Anyway check out the channel: comment any suggestions or requests, rate and like to help me out and I hope to get you some chapters done this weekend sirs and ladies!

Ciassou! x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BLOG: Ages ago I said I has a webcam, now I'm finally going to use it!

 Yes, that's right video is becoming a platform on the authorial!
And Hopefully tomorrow!
I was just bored and wanted to do something different you see, so, I sat around in my room thinking what could I do yto bring life to the Authorial and I thought A Vlog would be awesome! It really would, I could announce things, take some Q&A, do some video musings. There's a whole lot of possibilities I can think up with having videos on the site! I could even... maybe, get over my fear of reading my poetry a load by doing "V-readings" (I patent that, it sounds cool!) and reading my petry and posting it here!

 As you can possibly tell by my use of a certain piece of punctuation (!) I'm pretty excited and am really excited at the prospects of joining the Authorial to a Youtube channel! I just need to get some videos up now...

 So, I'll make a video tomorrow containing general introductions and welcomes to Youtuber and Authorial addict alike! Sorted. This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

BLOG: Because Bloggers even need a hand sometimes.

With a hand from a friend and fellow blogger; Michael Heath the Authorial's become a little more neater and ever more accessible!

Thanks to Michael's discovery of the labels gadget he was able to make a sort of page list for his blog and I kind of copied him but put it at the top so you can go where you need and stuff, it just makes it easier for you guys to get around and read my stuff. Y'know?

Anyway, Thanks Michael!

p.s: looks kind of nice too, if I can blow my own trumpet... well, I hope I'm blowing my own because someone else's would be dirty... like major dirty.

Monday, 9 May 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Download Killed The CD Star

In the 80's video killed the radio star; if we look into the present it's downloads killing CD. And to be honest it's not hard to see why...

 Album's are expensive with shops like HMV holding the high street monopoly and with delivery times on online shopping it's no wonder that CD sales are falling and it's hard for bands to make a living. You can download a CD for free and in a couple of minutes thanks to torrent sites and things like limewire and iTunes well, that's handy but no one's going to pay almost a quid a song. I'm sorry to say  Apple, you just got it all wrong.

 The things I have is I like having CDs just having hard copies and a collection I think, is very nice and CD quality is a lot better then MP3. I hate having non hard copies; it's like copied DVDs I hate them because I have to search through endless discs when in a normal collection all I'd have to do is look at the cover; that's what I also like about CDs I can just grab it and identify it straight away, no browsing through endless amounts of library just an easy 1, 2 and boom done!

 It's quick simple and easy and not to mention safe, my CDs aren't just going to sprout legs and take off like files sometimes do on computers... just me then?

 Anyway, I really like CDs lining my shelf, I like DVDs and I like books but everything is going digital so soon we'll all be robots plugged into all sorts of crappy machines and sacrificing quality. I mean bands work hard to do what they do to make these CDs I think it's fair we appreciate that. I really do. Plus they are better quality. I dunno what the future holds for CDs... I just think they'll go like Vinyl...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: We are the Ocean - Go Now And Live

Album Name: Go Now And Live
Artist: We Are The Ocean
Record Label: Hassle Records
Release Date: 25th April 2011

Track List:
1. Trouble is Temporary, Time is Tonic
2. What it Feels Like
3. The Waiting Room
4. Run Away
5. Trials and Tribulations
6. Overtime is a Crime
7. Godspeed
8. Now and Then
9. Follow What You Need
10. Before I die

From the offset of their second "real album" (if you don't count their EP) the WATO lads solidify what they began in Cutting Our Teeth (2010) which was the gradual move over from a screamo/ post-hardcore sound to a more pop-punk-esque style. It seems as if the EP was one side of the bridge, Cutting Our Teeth was the actual bridge and Go Now and Live is after the crossing of said bridge and ending up on the other side. Personally I think as a long time fan, it's nice to be able to see the change in one of my favourite bands throughout their CD releases. However, some fans have been by the change in We Are the Ocean seen on this record but I personally like the way in which the band has come together now as a more dual vocalist kind of set up with Dan Brown and Liam Cromby sharing vocal responsibility rather then the old one howler and one song bird routine that has been coined by bands such as Yashin and Alexisonfire. The band on this album have made a tactical decision in what would go better with the new pop-punk like sound in terms of vocal styles.

 The two released singles from the album 'The Waiting Room' and 'What it Feel Like' are prime examples of the change that WATO have made and all the songs on the album radiate a new sort of professionalism from the band which was not apparent in their other earlier releases. This energised new sound from We are The Ocean, shows that there is a band who want to rule the world behind these tracks and I believe that one day they might after the great display of skill that's on this album. The lyrics and music are pure genius and I think the WATO lads should be pleased with what they have managed to create on this album. Even though, it's not like 'Nothing Good Has Happened Yet' and 'Save me Said The Saviour' which are considers WATO's most iconic songs. On this album are some real Anthems that will have crowds up and down the country singing along.

 Although Kerrang! rated the Album only 3 K's making it sound pretty average in terms of a Kerrang! review; I think it's a bit more special then that. I think this album optimises a band growing up. Its about them finding a sound and I think if they stick to the one here on this album there is nothing but conquest set before the quintet; my favourite song from the album 'The Waiting Room' is possibly one of the  best singles to date. I highly recommend buying (or downloading, you cheap skanks) Go Now and Live and making it the soundtrack of your summer because of the awesome, soft melodies are perfect for road trips or just taking the time to chill out with friends: which is what we kids do in the summer.

BLOG: Good to be back!

Well, it's been a while since the authorial has seen any real action; it sucks but... it happens when we live in such a chaotic world with two real massive projects. I think of it as HALO is my like, left hand because it's based on something not from my imagination; it's the fact I'm taking someone else's brainchild and moulding it into something. Kind of like a half sculpted pot, I'm just adding my own little bits, y'know?

 While Dead West (which Of Chapter 1 I immensely proud) is my right hand, that's all me that one and with the sheer mass of writing I'm having to do to release it chapter by chapter it's very nice to see it go up on the web. It puts into perspective the weeks it took to write those 5 A4 pages and when people comment on it, it reminds me that it's not all for nothing. That there are people reading, for that sirs and madams I am grateful.

 So, it's good to be back and after a weekend with the Old Man; I've managed to get my hands on two really good CDs which I shall review on here sometime as well as: see who I need to see; do my homework; do my student accommodation and finance; and the like...

 So watch this space, I want to get back into the writing stuff.
Also check out sign up to the forum; stuff's kicking and screaming there!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Taken a while but finally here Dead West, chapter 1!)

 It had been two years since Spider and Paul’s fateful night under the stars where they had talked about frontier domination and much like that night, the sky once again sparkled as a dusty traveller made his way across a rickety bridge towards the all too familiar town of chance. Paul felt as if he had come full circle, pulling off his hat and brushing the grey clinging dust of it. He cursed under his breathe but continued into the small gambling town.

 He soon realised that, in two years, Chance had not changed at all. It was still the same hovel; filled with addicts with all different poisons. Gamblers, alcoholics and opium smokers all lined the street begging for money for the next fix. Their pleas fell on Paul’s deaf ears as he rode down the main street not taking his eyes off the road, his black horse covered in sweat from what had been such a long and immense ride. Paul spat and grinded to a halt in front of a once again all too familiar place: The Salt over the Shoulder Casino. He tied up his horse by the water troth and made his way inside; by the newest addition to the door frame, the bouncers, and wandered into the place as if he owned it. His head held high and his hand on his gun.

Although Chance itself had not changed at all during Paul’s two year absence the casino where he had first met Spider had in fact changed substantially. After the suspicious passing of Mr. House Senior; his mantle was taken up by his well educated son, who actually managed to make the place one of the most successful casinos in the entire frontier. He had stomped out all competition in Chance and now ran the whole gambling scene; from fighting to the slots Mr. House Junior had a hand in it all. No one was quite sure of how he had managed to acquire such an immense fortune fresh out of school but rumours did fly; bank robberies, train heists, inheritance and even that of magic’s presence in his ascension but Paul knew what had happened. House Junior had been clever, he’d taken all the money his Father had made and doubled it, quadrupled it even as a loan shark to the other struggling casinos. He had effectively made them sign their own death warrants with every contract. He was ruthless and as ruthless with people as he was in business…

 However, Paul continued unafraid as he swaggered past another set of bouncers by a velvet rope and towards House Junior’s office. For Paul was actually in his employ. The young man had sent for him especially, calling him the best bounty hunter in the land and stressing how Mr. House Senior had always had him in high regard. Paul took off his hat and knocked gently on the door until he was beckoned in by a soft male voice: “Come in.”

 Paul entered as he was told and smiled as House Junior turned in his chair to greet him. The youngster smiled and beckoned for him to sit down “Whisky?” he asked the bounty hunter getting up and making his way to a small cabinet “Only the best, obviously.” As pompous as House was, Paul loved his taste in whisky, he quickly snatched up a glass and soon the two of them were opposite one and other talking business. “So, what can I do for you?” asked Paul taking a small sip on his whisky.

 House Junior seemed taken aback that Paul wanted to be done quite quickly. “You seem surprised.” Hinted Paul “Does my haste bother you, Junior?” House wiped his hands through his greased hair and composed himself “No, No, not at all Mr. Graham I’m quite glad you cut to the chase…”
“I wish you would.”
“I’m sorry Mr. Graham; I’m just not familiar with these sorts of circumstances. Forgive me.” As mild mannered as he was making out, Paul was no fool to this nice act; in fact he saw straight through it, the white suit, and clumsy manner. He knew that House knew exactly what he was doing; he knew that he had employed bounty hunters before and he knew that Mr. House Junior was well versed in the ways of bounty hunters for after all he had found Paul in the first place. It was then the door opened and a black haired individual came through the door smiling. The new presence in the room looked goofy but in his hand was a box and he quickly brought it towards the table without a second thought. He was of Italian descent with a strange black beard and black curly hair. “Ah,” groaned Mr House “Tommy meet Mr. Graham. Mr. Graham, Tommy Turner my front of house manager.” Paul looked him up and down. “I say, nice to meet you.” Turner said graciously.

“My father always had an eye for talent Mr. Graham,” went on House “You he spotted lots of it of and boasted about your abilities so… I have come to you for help, the casino is loosing money we believe there is a cheater in our midst a very famous card cheat you know very well from two years ago…”
“Michael Spiderman Mitchell.”
“Precisely, I thought you had dealt with him? You took our money with you as well; may I ask where that went?”
“It was supposed to be evidence, redistributed after Spiderman’s trial. However, that’s not the case…” Paul paused “He escaped and the Marshall’s were bent as a nine dollar note. They high tailed it with all those winnings. I’m sorry.”
“Not your fault Mr. Graham, in fact, small change now to me. You just did as you were told, right?”
Paul didn’t feel under pressure at all, he sat back calmly sipping slowly on his whisky. His mind was more focused on the extra body in the room in the form of Tommy Turner. Paul got up and smiled putting down his glass gently. “So, what’s in the box?”

 Tommy looked towards House and House gave him the signal to put the box down. He did but in doing so knocked over Paul’s glass and the whisky flew in the air and spilt all over Paul. The bounty hunter was angrily trying to dry himself and Tommy rushed over to aid him as Mr. House cursed profusely. Once the fiasco was over though; the box was opened and what was inside was revealed. Paul laughed to himself. Cheeky bastard he thought…

The box was filled with Salt over the Shoulder Casino chips. There was around three hundred and fifty dollars worth in the box and Paul’s suspicions were right. House was smart. “There’s three hundred and fifty your pay, any chips you also manage to earn in the course of proceedings will also be added but you cannot cash out until the job is done, you take Mitchell. You will also not be able to leave until said task is done.” Paul again laughed to himself as he watched House’s fa├žade disappear and the ruthless streak break out from inside. He thought he had Paul trapped, this was not the case. Paul could leave but he wanted to bleed this arrogant sap for all he had. He’d ripped off the Father before, now the son was to suffer the same fate. It wasn’t until he got up though that his face changed. He looked towards Turner and signalled him closer “Come here.”

 The waiter suddenly looked rather sheepish as he approached Paul; House also looked confused as to what the bounty hunter was thinking but as soon as Tommy got close enough, a huge spectacle would unfold. In the blink of an eye, Tommy’s hand was on his boss’s desk with his fingers splayed out neatly on the chestnut finish. “Do you think I am stupid Tommy?” asked Paul rather calmly.
“No sir, I do not.”
“Then why did you think you could steal my last five bucks and my ornate penknife?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

House pursed his lips as Paul searched the waiter. He found both his money and knife and kept Tommy’s hand pressed firmly against the desk. “In Mexico, you know, if you get caught stealing. To make up for what you took… they take your hand.” Tommy suddenly began to sweat as Paul flicked out the knife’s blade and began to spin it around his own fingers. He then began to skim it along the house manager’s fingers, counting to himself. House had a sick smile on his face whilst his employee looked as if he was about to soil his nice trousers. So Paul, getting bored let the knife plunge, with all the force he could muster in his arm he stabbed downwards towards Tommy’s stuck hand…

“A very remarkable shot there Mr Graham. Impressive.” complimented Mr House as he admired the precision of the blade’s handler. It had landed between Tommy’s fore and middle fingers with tremendous force, rocking the desk and draining all the colour from Tommy’s face. However, Paul seemed unimpressed with himself pulling the blade from the desk with ease and groaning to himself: “That was bullshit I missed.” Tommy already pale, seemed to loose even more colour at this revelation and grasped desperately at his now free hand. “Tomazo, do you not have something to say to Mr. Graham?” spat House venomously.
“I’m sorry, sir.”
“I know it’s your job. Get close steal something for the boss, you’re a thief who extracts information. Your job is just a front.” Paul looked at House with an evil glint in his eye “Ok, I’ll do this but for your Pop. Not you, you evil conniving, son of a bitch.” House pursed his lips again and smiled evilly as Tommy backed away from the desk and Paul got up to leave. “Now, we’re on the same page Mr. Graham. Now we’re on the same page.”

 “A room is ready fir you so you can… uh, ‘freshen up’ before you hit the floor Mr. Graham.” winced Turner still clutching his hand. Paul smiled and made his way to the room quickly, he didn’t want to waste anytime and his game plan was already in swing. He knew what he had to do and as he passed Tommy at the door he stopped and whispered to him, so as to stop House from hearing as well “If you ever get bored working for him,” smiled Paul “You come find me.” With that he left and within an hour hit the casino floor like a tonne of dynamite.

 Unlike when he came in relatively unnoticed Paul was now turning heads, all save one of his target: Michael Mitchell. Although Paul was still relatively scruffy, the flamboyancy he was displaying was second to none; the first part of his plan was in motion. The first stage was to grab everyone’s attention except his targets. This would single him out in the crowd and then make it easier to commence phase two. All he had to do now was to take his newly earned high-roller status and double the chips House had given him. He presumed House had meant for him to get Spider under any means necessary, so, cheating was legal.  He would attract Spider’s attention via a different method, phase three; stimulate the greed. In appealing to Spider’s greed by having earned a lot of winning, he would trap Spider in a game he could not win, clean him out and then take his and Spider’s winnings as House had said. It was that simple and with Paul’s skill relatively quick to do. Within an hour he had successfully taken out four of the other high-rollers in the Salt over the Shoulder that night in one high risk game; effectively quadrupling his chips and luring Spider in. The bait was set and the trap primed…

 “Mind if I sit here, Paul?” asked Spider mockingly pulling up a chair showing he in fact didn’t need Paul’s permission “So, what brings you here?
“Same thing as two years ago.”
“Oh, you mean me?”
The two stared at each other with an intensity unlike any other, the room seemed to heat up from just their stairs and the crowd gathered to see what was effectively going to be the biggest game in the History of the Salt over the Shoulder. “How about a wager?” asked Paul suddenly “If I can beat you again, as well as your chips; I take you in?” Michael laughed to himself, he stroked his beard curiously and laid his chips on the table; not a hint of fear in his eyes. “Do you really think you can beat me again Graham?”

“Why yes.”

 Spider took a moment, he sat back and looked at Paul with the utmost analysis looking for a tell or give away as to whether the bounty hunter was bluffing. He wouldn’t find one but grew ever more impatient in his search. He tapped his finger on the table, debating with him self also, as to whether to take Paul up on his offer. “What’s in it for me Paul?” he asked calmly “I ain’t doing nothing that won’t serve me well.” Paul pushed his hat from over his eyes, he was wearing a smile and he too stroked his ginger beard as the battle of wits grew all the more intense. “Pride. You can walk out of here a free man with a hit load of money.” Paul knew this would trap Spider, a man all about pride. “Alright then! All in, all five cards in the river. Straight up.” Crooned Spider banging his fist on the table “There’s no way I’m going to loose to you twice.”

 Paul lowered his hat once again for he knew Spider most certainly would.

“One and a half grand and your freedom is a lot to ride on the cards Spider…” lectured Paul as the crowd shuffled in “Still sure?” Spider banged a fist hard on the table and smiled “Damn straight!” he replied, skilfully swapping his cards with every card that was revealed in the river. The two looked as if they were paying no attention to the game at all; however, this was most untrue as both cheated there way into the lead with every card. The crowd sweated and Spider smiled obnoxiously to himself as Tommy and House observed from a height…

“Paul’s not walking out with those chips is he?” asked Tommy
“Don’t be silly.” Replied House menacingly: “Now go cash up for the night.”

 As Tommy disappeared into the office the last card in the river was revealed and it stood as so: The queens of hearts and clubs, the ace of spades and another two fours. Spider looked anxiously as the dealer commanded both players to reveal their hands. The crowd were shocked as both men laid down a winning hand: Four queens…

 The crowd grew restless and soon the air was very, very tense. Mr House from his balcony smiled as he declared to the congregation: “These two cheats shall be dealt with! Boys, Show them out.” Suddenly both Paul and Spider were being seized and escorted from the building. “HOUSE! WHAT ABOUT OUR DEAL!?” yelled Paul defiantly throwing off the henchmen. The balcony was empty, House had long gone though and Paul walked out with Spider of his own accord and both men looked at each other disappointed. “Well, that could have went better.” Joked Spider “At least we didn’t have to shoot our way out, huh?”

“Fuck… this was all for nothing.” said Paul mounting his horse and riding forward ahead of Spider with his head down. Their con had failed for once; although the two were almost always successful, their winning combination had been beat and it was time to head home and think of a new plan. When Spider eventually caught up t Paul they were just hitting the edge of town when a familiar voice hurtled through the night air…

“HEY!” yelled Tommy flapping his arms as his horse galloped towards them: “WAIT!” Paul smiled to himself as his partner turned around in confusion unsure to who the youngster was. “What you doing here boy?” Spider asked Tommy “House finally realise you were stealing his silver ware?”
“Let the boy talk Michael…”
“House’s Father was a good guy, I could stomach working for him but Junior back there fell far from the tree. He doesn’t honour his deals, so I thought; I would, in his stead.” He pulled a bag from off his horse and opened it revealing a green glow of paper notes wedged in tight. Tommy had cleaned House out. “So am I in or what?” the youngster asked. Spider and Paul went to talk about the matter in private, the deliberations were cut short though as shouts could be heard from the direction they had just came, meaning House had realised his money was missing and that the three of them needed to be gone and quick but the agreement was made that Tommy Turner was now a member of the posse. The three smiled at each other and Spider before they sped off to bid a quick goodbye to the small town of Chance made one final suggestion…

“To Carol’s then?”

Monday, 2 May 2011

MONDAY MUSING: I will not die here!

With all that happens in this crazy little thing called life; it's easy to see why people become stuck where they were born. It happens sometimes you live and die somewhere.

However, looking at what I want to do and be and where I want to go; THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS HAPPENING TO ME! I can't be a famous poet living in inter-breeding small town that I live in. No one know's where it is, it's inhabitants think they're something special and I want to be better. It's really that simple. I've been thinking about going Uni and getting away from here and never coming back! Despite the fact that apparently this place is like a black hole that never lets you go I want to escape and I will!

 If I want to be somebody, I need to go somewhere.

I just can't deal with being here for longer then needs be...