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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

BLOG: Ages ago I said I has a webcam, now I'm finally going to use it!

 Yes, that's right video is becoming a platform on the authorial!
And Hopefully tomorrow!
I was just bored and wanted to do something different you see, so, I sat around in my room thinking what could I do yto bring life to the Authorial and I thought A Vlog would be awesome! It really would, I could announce things, take some Q&A, do some video musings. There's a whole lot of possibilities I can think up with having videos on the site! I could even... maybe, get over my fear of reading my poetry a load by doing "V-readings" (I patent that, it sounds cool!) and reading my petry and posting it here!

 As you can possibly tell by my use of a certain piece of punctuation (!) I'm pretty excited and am really excited at the prospects of joining the Authorial to a Youtube channel! I just need to get some videos up now...

 So, I'll make a video tomorrow containing general introductions and welcomes to Youtuber and Authorial addict alike! Sorted. This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


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