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Thursday, 19 May 2011

BLOG: Working hard or hardly working?

Well, I can say yes, I have been slacking on some fronts but on others I haven't and with exams on the way pretty darn quickly it seems as though kicking it into a high gear would be a tad of an understatement. So, it seems as though stuff may be taking the back foot whilst exam season closes in.

 However, it's ok because for English I'm reading alot of books (No, you don't understand what I mean) so I could possibly review those in order to like keep my posting up. I think long prose and stuff maybe abit too much to squeeze in with revision and stuff; considering, that Dead West can be like up to 7 A4 pages of size 12 font...

Although I'm pretty impressed with the new idea, it's snowballing in my head with everyday that passes so by Monday I should be able to post up a Musing that contains the finished and complete details of the story and such. Apart from that POR and Dead West may have to wait. Vlogs too maybe delayed. It's sad, I know but I need to think about my future here. If I want to do this as a profession I need to go to Uni.

 If I want to be Poet Laureate, need Uni.
 If I want to leave, need Uni.
 In all I need University.

So... let's just see how it goes for a bit but y'know it'll be an adventure.

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