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Monday, 16 May 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Ideaaaaaaa!

Well, like the title says I have an idea; an idea for a new story. I have a concept but no title at the moment as I'm still kind of working through it to get the best out of it. I've proposed it to my little brother and he, himself is pretty impressed with it he even said it was "kind of sad". Anyway, what's happened is that I've always wanted to try my hand at fantasy writing, being the nerd I am but have always been scared to make this huge world out of nothing due to the fact I may steal ideas from elsewhere; however, after watching Eragon and remembering  how much I loved those books I finally decided to grow a pair and try my hand at fantasy writing.

 However, what then happened is I got playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on my XBOX360 and thought to myself: "I do love Italy" and then began to incorporate Italian like concepts into my fantasy world like a city of canals and art and Shakespearean sword fighting. So in retrospect I made a sort of Fantasy-esque Shakespearean world with Aristocrats and Academics and corruption and honour.

 All these things soon snowballed into one and I created my world, characters and a general plot. So what this post is for is to show you guys what I'm working with get your thoughts and feelings and also pick you Authorial Addicts brains for a possible title. Anyway here goes...

The Setting:
Our story takes place in the Independent City State of L'Arca (Which means The Ark in Italian) which is alot like Venice a huge City equivilant to the size of London or maybe even bigger that has a vast network of Canals and bridges to cross said Canals. The main Canal that flows through the city is called 'La Linea Di Vita' (The Lifeline, again Italian) which is the main furrow fair of the city. The city itself is beautiful holding academies, churches, museums and galleries. L'Arca really is like Renaissance Italy where everything that seems to be happening whether it be fashion or scientific discovery was happening there, in this one city. The outskirts of the city are where the poorer residents live and as you get closer to the centre the richer people get. Through magic bridges have been converted in huge gardens and parks and in some places even forests and most of the farming is done on the banks or shallows of the Canal Network.

 However, the bigger picture is that L'Arca is actually in the middle of a war zone all around it battle lines have been drawn. L'Arca has managed to secure it's independence, safety and neutrality but most believe it is only a matter of time before the beautiful city itself is swept away in the tides of war...

General Plot Overview:
 The plot centres around to L'Arcan youths; Vermeleo and Virizio who are the best of friends and also from well of families. The two share a relationship which derives around a sort of friendly rivalry and although polar opposites in some respects the two make an awesome team. Yet, when the situation around them changes and the two boys find themselves divided their friendship will be put to the test in some of the greatest ways imaginable...


Virizio Alliuri - A young academic and son of Maestro Guatelli Alliuri; Virizio is the oldest of seven siblings. He is a studious and sometimes reclusive young man preferring the fictional characters of his books rather then the company of real people. An awkward gangly youth, he has been Vermeleo's friend since an early age and is often the calming influence to his friends hot temper. His dreams are to be a celebrated poet and most of the time he describes himself as his own 'worst critique' often describing Vermeleo as the 'interesting one' of their pairing.

Vermeleo Tichenti - A boisterous L'Arcan youth and friend of Virizio. Vermeleo is known as a man about town; able to woo women and fight all comers. Rarely seen without a sword, Vermeleo is a magnet to trouble. His manner is one of over confidence, cockiness and rudeness but inside he houses a deeper emotional pool. He is an only child but treats Virizio like a little brother and is one of the few people who can pry his friend out of his shell or even better his books. He is the son of Signore Tichenti Tichentia; a famous war hero and he too aspires to be like his father.

Bella Buenasea - The Captain of the guards daughter and a fair maiden. Bella is both a talented fencer and a star academic. Both her skills inherited from her father. She is dissatisfied with her current state of living; she misses her mother and does not understand her father. She meets Virizio and Vermeleo by accident and their fates soon become entwined.

Orsa Fentacosta -  Orsa is Bella's friend and Kaskare's ward. Orphaned by the war Orsa was sent by her parents as a refugee and obeying her families last dying wish to have her safe Kaskare adopted her. She is also quite beautiful but is believed to be mute as she is rarely ever speaks. She can talk however, she just only opens up to certain people like Bella and Kaskare but when she meets Virizio; she thinks she has found a kindred spirit.

Maestro Guatelli Alliuri - Father of Virizio and a master writer in the form of prose and fiction. He is a well renowned novelist and a great teacher at one of L'Arca's top academies. He is very proud of his son and intrigued that his son has inherited the nature he had in his own youth including his friendly rivalry with his Tichenti peer.

Fiore Alliruri - Virizio's mother and prime care giver to her 7 children. She has a close bond with her son and is his works biggest fan but can be slightly over protective. She unlike Guatelli is not Vermeleo's biggest fan thinking that his mannerisms will one day cause her son harm.

Alta Madre Sicillia - Sovereign of L'Arca; Alta Madre Sicillia is a wise leader who values her people. She has tried to improve the living conditions all over L'Arca and it is mainly down to her why the city is now such a success. However, she grows ever more worried about the war that surrounds her beloved city....

Signore Kaskare Buenasea - Widowed Father of Bella and Captain of the city guard; Kaskare is ever desperate to protect his daughter from the cruelties of the world and his actions are often misconstrued as cruel. This is because he is unsure of what to do with a Daughter and is still heavily grieving for his wife.

Signore Tichenti Tichenti - Vermeleo's father and a decorated war hero. A long time friend of Guatelli Alliuri, Tichenti and he share the same type of mock rivalry as their sons. He seems to encourage his son's behaviour (especially when it comes to women) and this sees him incur the wrath of both his own and Guatelli's wife.

Angela Tichenti - Vermeleo's mother and the most strict of his two parents. She constantly compares him to Virizio and is a friend of Virizio's mother Fiore. She is feared by both generations of the Tichenti and Alliuri men.

King Ottu - King of the Nitans, a race of exotic people that come from Islands south of L'Arcan. He is a most terrifying leader of the current warring states said to take to battle like a plague; quick and with a trail of dead bodies.

Holy Emperor Sal - The 17th leader of the Holy Empire west of L'Arca; he is a young and charismatic leader. Sal is devote in his faith to God and this makes him unable to accept his own mistakes as he often declares them 'God's will'. His followers are fanatic but he currently holds the greatest relationship with L'Arca and is constantly aware that this could benefit him in the future. His youth though can lead to his downfall...

Marquis Da Silva - Not much is known about the Marquis not even gender. All that is known is that the aristocrat led an uprising within the territories of The Holy Empire and has managed to gain substantial amounts of ground thanks to lower level corruption within the Empire swaying public opinion to their cause. The Marquis has some of the lands finest warriors under their livery.

These are only brief notes on each of these aspects but I would be very grateful for any comments left on this post with any suggestions, opinions and most of all titles for the piece. Bearing in mind if the response is negative I will not pursue this idea, if you wish to see it come to life please comment. It would be very much appreciated. Comment the authorial and let's see where this goes!


  1. Hey mate,

    Sounds like a cracking idea! What I would say is that there are probably too many characters... That amount would work in a game or something but at the moment it might be a bit too packed.. Just a thought :)


  2. sounds like a plan mate

    title: Say farwell And Set Fire
    hearts on a canal-way :) i like the sound of it anyway

  3. Thanks Angus you sir, are a star!

  4. Città Di Speranze
    (city of hope)

  5. Title: la guerra dell 'arca (the war of the ark)

  6. This sounds good bro. I like the characters and plot. I'm excited for the actuall story.