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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

POETRY: Atlas & I

Atlas and I
We’re one in the same –
Two soldiers in the same war
Our shoulders bearing tremendous weights
Our worlds propped up
By the sweat of our brows.

Me just a man,
Him a giant
But these fragile worlds
That we struggle to hold
We take with pride
And hope the best for it.

But imperfect are we
And therefore flawed
And unable to take the weight from others
Their problems, they force on us
Their dramas that unfolds on our backs
And the grip loosens with such additions

And fear flickers across my face
As my fragile world threatens to fall
As my arms begin to give way
The world begins to roll to the floor
My world about to shatter – To be destroyed.
Because I wasn’t strong enough.

And Atlas and I
Our worlds on our backs
Fear the moments of weakness
That take hold
Make us want to give in
Just as we remember how important there worlds are.

And with all the people relying on me;
To hold this world up
To be strong
To not let go, ever.
To be their rock
And for them I will be.

My world on my shoulders,
It can be a burden
It can weigh tonnes
It can seem hopeless
I can seem not enough
But it’s important

Me and Atlas;
We are one in the same –
We protect our worlds.

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