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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

POETRY: A Real Life Mr. Darcy.

Heroes in real-life
Are all Byronic
Dark and brooding
Not knights in shining armour
All tragic, all misunderstood.

And me, myself, apparently am,
A writer, a gentleman,
A sorry lot.
A rough ride
But a dying breed.

A real life Mr. Darcy
My pride my defence,
My character indefinable
And prejudices
That rule my head.

Keeping a stiff upper lip,
Not letting on,
Not letting others understand
That I can be something;
I could be a hero.

And although you may hate me,
Your opinion of me skewed
I may be narcissistic
In your eyes, I may be the devil
But I am more

This Mr. Darcy has a heart,
I feel, I may not show it
But I do.
I feel for all –
My appearance: a fa├žade.

So, am I oen of those Byronic heroes?
Misunderstood, a surprise,
A heart of gold,
Surrounded by darkness
Hidden from the world.

And now, that you see
See me for all I am
Now I’ve shown you
I can be amiable
I really can.

So me, this walking fiction
A real life Mr. Darcy
Your Byronic hero
A heart of gold –
Just seeming to have too much pride.

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