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Sunday, 31 July 2011


 After failing to bring Pilgrim to the Authorial and wishing to continue the new sense of warmth I've been feeling as I write Fantasy. I have decided on making a new serial (which will remain a serial) based on, once again, the strange but wonderful people who are often involved in my Xbox party. The serial which is going to be called BRAVESOUL is a Fantasy story about a group of friends and a magical board game which turns winning or loosing into life and death. More will be revealed as I further the creative process but work on Pilgrim may make said progress slow. Just to warn you.


I shall keep you posted!

VLOG: Fantasy as a Genre.

In this video instalment the main topic is about Fantasy as a genre in Literature. Is it all really about elves? Or is it more simply making a whole new world that is in a way magical? Not only this but I also talk about two fellow youtubers and friends as well as the new location I'm filming in! So, don't miss another great youtube moment from me; Adderson!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

NEWS AND UPDATES: A new video from a new location!

Just letting you know that there's going to be a a new video up on the Youtube channel tonight (hopefully, if all goes well) I'm going to be talking about my increasingly obsessive look on Fantasy as a genre in Literature and about Fantasy books I wish to get in the future. Furthermore though, I'll be making a Video from a place rarely seen by people and that place is: My Grandmother's. I stay at my Nan's a lot and have been all this week, so I thought it'd be a nice place to cut a video; it's a really nice Victorian house, so don't miss my new video for a chance to be nosey!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

BLOG: Friends like mine...

Friends like mine are hard to come by I believe and it was after my friend Michael Heath thanked ME for his work being noticed by someone. Apparently someone noticed the book cover her did for me and asked him to do their business card for £45 (now, I got mine for free but you know) and Mike as insanely talented as he is art-wise with his pre-degree in fine art and everything thanked me for getting his work noticed. It all seems a little mad really but... y'know I suppose if he feels that way. He feels that way. I personally think it was always going to happen; Michael's a bit of a perfectionist and I always thought that rather a great quality for a designer.

 Yet, when I think about it he's helped me a lot, he's believed and he's helped me out on a lot over the past few weeks and it's helped me on leaps and bounds with the new project. A lot of my friends are like mine, talented and helpful and some of them are talented but quite the banter chiefs. Still, I wouldn't trade them for the world. They're awesome people and I count my blessings with having them about; they're pretty inspirational.

Even those who have left are still pretty memorable. They are still talented and even though I may not find it in my heart to forgive and forget; what ever happened between us was never my problem, it never concerned me and I still wished the best for them. And I do with all my friends too wish that, like Michael, someone will notice their talents and move them towards what they want. Move them one step closer to a dream.

 And because they mean the world to me and their dreams mean the world to them; I think I'd always wish my friends the best. Whether they do thank me or not; it's their's not mine. Yet I'll help them in whatever way I can because I know they'd probably do the same for me.

I know this was a bit deep but I've been thinking for a long time and I just want you to take a moment and think: Who's helped me recently? & Do I help them enough? Because those friends you have are the family you choose, are people who you believe you have a deep connection with and that's something special. Real special. So you should never let go of that nor let it fade away.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

REVIEW: Fallout New Vegas

Name: Fallout New Vegas
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Release Date: 19th August 2010
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: RPG

IGN's '#1 Most Anticipated Game of 2010' and also the winner of IGN's 'Best of E3 2010' it's not hard to see that Fallout: New Vegas had a lot of hype built up around it from the get go and it's predecessor Fallout 3 was such a prestigious game with such a hardcore following that New Vegas was apparently only going to be bound for greatness. Or so one would think.

 I got this game off a reduced shelf from my father for Christmas one year after he was duped into buying the game by the front cover which does make New Vegas look like an FPS my army nut Dad craves. However, he lost interest when I finally started playing. He's not a massive RPG fan but I myself count myself as a massive RPG/ JRPG gamer. So, Fallout looked right up my street.

 From the opening sequence I was quite excited with a visual of the Neon lit Vegas strip set inside a Post-Apocalyptic Mojave Desert; with that as well as the action packed sequence that followed which resulted in a rather surprise result in terms of starting a game. I was ready, eager and hungry to start playing the game. Then I actually started playing. The thing is with RPGs is that they can in fact be a long drawn out process and especially with the level of customisation available in both Fallout games; I could tell that for someone as impatient as me, me and this game were about to have a long and complicated relationship. Not much unlike the game itself really.

 Starting the game, I found was painstaking and thanks to being a complete and utter newbie to the world of Fallout (for even though I recognised Fallout 3 I had never played it) an unforgiving process. That was my fault however; I knew that. I mean, who would decide to make a Melee fighter character in a world filled with not just normal guns but lasers and plasma weapons too? I did and I paid the price. As well as the choices at the beginning of the game resulting to me making such a moronic character; I also due to growing impatience with the long process of starting the game skipped over most the tutorials and actually did not learn how to do... anything. Hacking and lock-picking were now so out my reach when they were actually monumentally important parts of the game.

 This flow of consequences through my total disregard of care continued as it started all through out the game to the point where as one of my friends put it quite mildly: "Everyone hated me". I was unable to finish quests due to people dying whom I failed to defends, I had to serious correct my own STAT unbalance as I continually failed to survive the harsh and chaotic conditions of the Mojave Wasteland. Yet, once I did get over these exceptionally large hurdles of correcting myself and learning what I should have learnt at the beginning of the game: I actually began to enjoy myself.

 The Fallout system is indeed great. I liked the visual aspects and the exploration element of the game to the point where it actually felt like I, myself, was wondering the desert (most of the time lost for another skill I forgot to learn was how to use my compass) if I stayed in first person view mode enough. I also like the fact I could change from first to third person view modes at a whim; which is pretty cool if you want to be vein or get a better view of just how big the game is compared to your tiny, tiny character.  Not only are these engines great but the massive amount of customisation within the Wasteland is also very impressive; in true RPG style you could take your character in any direction you dared choose (but choose wrong and suffer the consequences), have any sort of perks that support your characters style and also align yourselves with any faction that you thought best reflected your interests. As a talkative character I rather enjoyed manipulating people to give me stuff or into doing my dirty work so if I could give you any piece of advice on this game: DEVELOP YOUR SPEECH SKILL IT WILL BE VERY SATISFYING!

So game play wise once you get your head around it, New Vegas is a pretty nice game great feel to it and the storyline also has this. It is a nice tale about lessons learnt, betrayal and vengeance but also if you wish retribution and morality as well as nice feeling as you can abandon the main quest line to do what seems to be an unlimited number of side quests to earn more experience and also learn a lot more about the Fallout universe. One of my favourite things about the storyline is the unlimited potential to throw it down any path you choose as well as gaining companions whom can aid you on your quest and who can be very useful. Yet, nothing compares to my favourite experience in Fallout which is indeed the V.A.T.S system.

The V.A,T.S or Valut-Tec Assisted Targeting System is a handy tool which allows you to stop time and aim at certain points on any enemy in range; not just displaying health, body part health and the enemies themselves but also the probability of hitting said opponent. Th higher the percentage, the more the damage and less chance of a miss. With this system after targeting what you wish you will enter a slow motion cinematic experience which is quite satisfying in itself especially when in slow motion you can follow the travel of your bullet through the air, on impact and on exit from the poor drug frenzied crazy person's head. Nothing like maiming, crippling, disarming or decapitating a person in slow-mo is there?

Even though me and Fallout had a complex relationship it is a pretty good game and with so many alternative endings I am in need of replaying through the story, making different decisions and this time paying attention. What the game also offers in terms of DLC is actually quite astonishing, so I can't knock it. All I can say is that Fallout: New Vegas is a solid game way above average in ways but the reason for my rating is that: one, I am poor so will not be able to obtain the masses of downloadable content for it and two, the fact that my stupidity led to me not enjying the game as much. Upon replaying the game though with a sense of purpose, direction and of what I'm doing; this second character is already a huge success. The only problem I face now is whether to play the game on the infamous HARDCORE MODE; which requires me to eat, drink and sleep as well as everything else I have to do during my adventure. So, whether or not I do that I'll let you know! But I will continue to play New Vegas until I have completed all four endings.

Also, if Fallout: New Vegas does get your taste buds tingling I'd also recommend Fallout 3 and another Bethesda game called Oblivin which is the same sort of idea but more fantasy then sci-fi based. I'm really enjoying Oblivion at the moment and as Oblivion came first you can observe trends from Oblivion to New Vegas which is quite refreshing and shows that Bethesda pay attention to what works and keep developing it to make it better.

NEWS AND UPDATES: Pilgrim is making massive progress!

 My new project, Pilgrim, is coming on leaps and bounds thanks to mine and Michael's hard woork and I'd firstly like to say a massive thank you to Michael James Heath of the Film Critical (one of the Authorial's friends) for all the effort he's put into the artistic side of the development as well as the huge amounts of help he's given me on the written aspects. However, thanks to these efforts Pilgrim is looking to be a very very good project that me and Michael are both going to be excited for so, I've decided that Pilgrim and Vita will NOT be coming to the Authorial as serials but instead I will focus on making them into books and seek to get them published.

 I am very sorry if you've been excited for these projects but I am still in the process of making a few more weekly serials, so do not threat. I also think that Dead West maybe making a revival as well as POR just with a few tweaks.

 Again, I am sorry and I do hope that we will have some new serial's soon.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

VLOG: Technical Difficulties DEFEATED!

After a bloody long delay due to technical difficulties; which I believed I solved by the way the Adderson Authrial Bookclub update is live! Meaning I can now start to move forward with the projects that have been dependent on it. This video is only a short one; a quick update to explain a few things that are going to outlined below this paragraph.

The update tackles the following:

  1. Just Another Gamer is no longer on the friends of the Authorial list. why? Because I'm no longer apart of it; the split is for personal reasons but it now allows me to review games on the authorial again and the first two reviews have been pitched as Fallout: New Vegas, a controversial choice by me and Batman: Arkham Asylum in preparation for Arkham City's release.
  2. That I want more people to join me on the channel, I could really benefit from some help to expand the Bookclub's functions. From debates to music interviews I'm willing to do it; I just need need people to meet me halfway (right on the boarder line!) So, get in contact with me if you want to get yourselves involved.
  3. The fact I maybe busy looking for a job in order to earn that all important cash so I can buy stuff to review.
  4.  and finally, personal reasons strike again as I'm not sure whether to continue POR and Dead West. I'd like some opinions. So if anyone could lend a hand, I'd appreciate it.
Well, that's all folks! CIASSOU!

NEWS AND UPDATES: Two new stories are ready to get under way!

Just thought I'd let you know that two new stories are in the pipeline. After hours of compiling notes for both projects; they are about to get started. The first thing I'm going to tackle is blurbs; all so I can post them on here to give you guys a teaser of what's to come. Hope you like them.

Monday, 18 July 2011

NEWS AND UPDATES: Technical Difficulties

Well, I'm already making use of the news and updates section. Just a quick thing about something we all encounter with technology and that my friends is technical difficulties! Due to tech problems with my web cam, the youtube video has not been filmed, therefore it has not been posted and therefore I have not been able to continue with the rest of the projects that are reliant on said video. So, I'm sorry but there may be delays until I can sort out the source of the problem and make way in fixing it.

NEWS AND UPDATES: There's now a News and Updates section?

 I thought it'd be useful if I did a section that was more practical to use as notices and updates rather then massive paragraphs. The news and Updates section will contain any form of news concerning my welfare or something cool coming to the authorial as well as updates on deadlines, delays or technical mishaps. There will be some positive updates too not just ones about things going wrong. So, here's the first one!

Friday, 15 July 2011

BLOG: Getting back on the horse!

Well, it seems as though the Authorial has been empty since I finished school and that's because it pretty much has been. The Authorial's become a barren wasteland since I've finished school; missing out my last exam report, an article about prom and missing an awesome chance to review the showing of Avenue Q I was privileged to see at the Royal and Derngate in Northampton. I'm not sure whether it's the continual job search or my want to spend as much time as I can with my girlfriend, I'm sorry that the Authorial has been quiet but I am on the way to  tackling this draught.

 So, what's to come?

 In this post is not only an apology but in fact a promise; what's to come is being listed on this post with dates/ deadlines and much much more.


  • Saturday 16th July 2011 - The Adderson Authorial Update on the Bookclub: A new video for the Bookclub, my Youtube Channel, which is going to serve a general purpose of explaining a few things. I think this has been a long time coming and has been needed for a while.
  • Monday 25th July 2011 - Video Game Review, Fallout New Vegas: The video will explain, this sudden new addition. This is going to be something new and I'm really excited for this; I know it's a game I haven't expressed my love for but by the by it should be a very fun article.
  • New Poetry
  • New Weekly Serials: The video will again explain. 
  • More Game Reviews
 So, I'm back on it; like the title says I'm getting back on the horse! So, let's take this journey together as WE revive the Authorial!