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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


 It was a glorious Sunday afternoon and Michael aged 25 stood amongst the crowd of buyers and sellers at the monthly car boot sale. He smiled as his long-term partner,Carol, made her way towards him; she also seemed pretty excited at the prospect of the day and she jumped on Michael kissing him on the cheek. "Ready to go are we baby?" she asked as Michael, also known as 'Spider' to many, winced. He rubbed his back with which he had been battling for a year or two now and gave a half hearted laugh before taking out a small tin, a small packet of papers and rolling himself a cigarette. He nodded to say he was ready as he lit the thin, white stick and flicked the smouldering ambers away as Carol yanked on his arm to march him around the sea of tables that were on the green.

 "So, what are you loooooking for?" asked Carol darting from table to table handling thing after thing whilst her boyfriend just perused from afar never touching and never letting on what he was quite obviously searching for. He hadn't heard her question the first time and her second question was again not heard, So Carol as Carol only did, coupled the third attempt witha punch to Spider's arm which obviously caught his attention: "Jesus!" he yelled gasping for air "You scared the fucking life out of me!"
"Well, fucking answer me then!" yelled Carol defiantly.
Although, the whole green had seemed to turn and look at the couple now, they ignored it and carried on as normal. Carol again hit Spider on the arm; aggravating him slightly but still, he knew it was all in good fun and he actually kind of enjoyed having this sort of mock fight, sometimes it could end badly but he had a small feeling it wouldn't today so retaliated by also punching Carol lightly in the arm. "I'm not looking for anything particular if that's what you want to know," riddled Spider with a grin "I'm just looking for something I'd like."

 His girlfriend stood quite dazed and confused "So... what?"
 Spider laughed until a familiar face caught his eye and he began to wave and shout about like a mad man to gain the faces attention "Squire!" he yelled "Squire, over here!" He was beckoning towards a gangly dark haired youth, whom was quite thick set; with the youth was a small red head which he dwarfed considerably but the girl seemed to have a tight grip of the hand the boy wasn't browsing with. He returned Spider's wave before returning to look at what the girl whom had hold of his hand had picked up. Spider understood Squire didn't see his girlfriend Jennifer that often, it often caused them great sadness and tension in their relationship but all seemed to end well whatever happened and with Squire off away to University soon. Spider knew the couple were on borrowed time before it became video calls and bi-monthly returns home. A lump swelled in Spider's throat as he thought of Squire upping sticks and leaving for bigger and better things; yet, Carol was optimistic and that did lift his spirits quite a lot. "He's not going to forget you Mike," she said "He's just spending time with Jenni, maybe we should invite them round one time? Y'know? Before he leaves." Spider's eyes surveyed the tabletops that had many different wares spread across them.

 He looked harder past the hand made cards, the cakes and the second hand toys to find something special, something no one else would have realised the value of but he was having no luck on that. He simply walked towards his friend Squire with Carol and smiled "How's it going buddy?"
"Not bad," said the teen "Here with Jen picking out some Uni essentials, you know how it is!" Spider chuckled in his head as he agreed with his young friend but actually had no idea. He tried to craw parallels between moving to Uni and moving into a flat but he'd often left that to Carol, so still had no idea. "What are you looking for?" asked Carol almost dancing.
"Just bits and bobs." replied Jenni also dancing away to herself. The two girls soon got to talking for a time about the Xbox an how it almost makes them widows until they got onto a topic of what they'd seen around the sale. They continued gliding through topics with ease whilst the boys watched on in both amazement and confusion. The girls didn't even seem to pause for breathe. "My head hurts." groaned Squire as he watched the conversation unfold "Anyway," groaned the youth turning to his friend "You like your board games don't you Spider?"

 Spider's eyes widened as he took a draw of his cigarette "Yes. And if I do?"
"Well there's a game called Bravesouls down the strip there," Squire pointed in the direction he'd come from which coincidentally was the way Spider was going "Third on your left can't miss it. It is bloody huge though! Must be the size of the table it's on and-" As he turned round Spier was dragging Carol to the mentioned stand by the arm and Jenni and Squire were left scratching their heads. They didn't understand what was going on. They never would have either.

Spider approached the table like a man possesse, he move slowly towards the bearded seller who was not busy at all and instead solved sudoku puzzles in the back of the local paper whilst the game sat flat on the table in front of him. Squire ha not exaggerated the size of the box, it was grand almost ornate and id span a whole table's length. It way have not been as wide but it's size for a board game was still pretty immense. Spider rubbed his hands across the box to feel the embossed logo on the front. with that he knew it was real. "Where id you get this?" he asked the seller intrigued as it looked in near mint condition. The seller still preoccupied with his puzzles just grunted he said something about an attic but who's and when was inaudible. "I'll take it!" yelled Spider "How much!?"

 Both Carol an the stall owner almost keeled over with fright as Spider ha made his hasty and loud request. The merchant though looked Spider up and down before pricing the desired object, he thought hard to himself. He wondered if Spider knew what he was buying, whether price was an object in him obtaining the game and tried to establish many other variables. "I'll do you it for £15."
Spider opened the lid to see the finely arranged pieces all still in the inner sleeve, shielded from dust and damage they were not blemished in any sort of fashion. Nor did they bare signs of usage. He counted all the cards and the number specified on the box was there. He conducted a massive apparaisal of the game before even giving his money over to the vendor. He knew it was all in order an he knew he'd made a massive steal, whether his girlfriend or the stall owner knew that he wasn't bothered. He just wanted to get home quickly and soon began to race of despite the pain in his lower back "SPIDER!" yelled Carol "Where are you going?"

 With that Spider was off, he wished to get home as soon as possible. He wanted to text all his friends, get a game night sorted out. He had big plans, huge plans and it all required a lot of time. Spider lugged the game home with Carol behind him and a smile on his face.


  1. thats awsome buddie me and spyder love it

  2. When's the next one coming out? and can I pre order it?