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Friday, 9 September 2011

BLOG: Happy 1st Birthday to the Adderson Authorial.

 On this day last year, a dream started. An attempt to make a dream come true started; I remember that I needed to make up a portfolio for my desire to take a creative writing course at Uni. Hence the Adderson Authorial was born and this post here celebrating it's birthday will be the 150th post to grace it's face and I'm glad, so so glad, that this hasn't died. Why you ask because that means the dream hasn't died.

And that dream still exists today but the Authorial itself has evolved as has the dream with YOUTUBE and now even Twitter the Authorial is now bigger and better then ever before, which is great. It all started off as just stories at one time but then I became confident enough to express my opinion and grow and I owe that all to only a few bunch of people; my friend, my family and my readers.

 The past year wouldn't have happened without the vast amounts of support and inspiration that I get from the people around me. It's scary to think what could not have been were it not for all these people, my blog has had a lot of hits, youtube is getting a few views and I am trying on Twitter but in essence the support people have shown me over the past year is amazing and without it, it wouldn't have happened. There would be no Authorial and I would have no passion to share with anyone and that would be sad. So again, thank you for everything.

 And no matter what, the dream, the passion will never die if I continue to receive such suppot. The world is my oyster hopefully. I'll have plenty more things to write and plenty more inspiration to come from there world. So I hope you just continue to do what we do at the Authorial which is: See. Read. Believe.

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