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Monday, 5 September 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Now I have a Blackberry, the world seems a more connected place.

 It was my birthday on Saturday and for my 19th year my mother got me a Blackberry; which I am very grateful for and am very happy with. I called him Berty and he is married to my girlfriend Blackberry Betty and with all the functions now working I have come to a stunning realisation: I am not so alone as I thought.

 We all know it, the feeling of the isolation within the world that is inhabited by more than 6 billion people. We look at a world that is so huge and vast and beautiful in it's own right and think "Wow. I am small and am so alone." But now I've got this Blackberry and have looked into the massive universe that is applications and mobile internet it is almost impossible to think that any more. I can receive emails, check Facebook, post on twitter and even chat to other people with blackberry's by scanning a bar code. It's a truly amazing feat. People may look at this post and think that: "What is this douche saying, we've had phones for years?" but look at it this way, with normal phones we never used to have everyone's phone number. We couldn't text over 500 people, our phones wouldn't be able to hack it. Yet, now, Smart phones have opened up so much connectivity with the rest of the world that it's impossible to say one is alone in this hi-tech wizarding world.

   I find it quite scary, quite hard to understand and almost impossible to believe that now at the touch of a button; in a matter of seconds almost anyone is within reach and if you want to think about it in less romantic fashion then I have put it, think about how slow the internet used to be. Then look at it now, downloads done in seconds, films stream-able on the web and more websites then you can shake a stick at! So, look at your smartphone, your laptop and think to yourself: "Am I really alone in this huge world anymore?"

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