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Monday, 19 September 2011

MONDAY MUSING: When's a house a home?

After moving into my student accommodation, setting it up as I like it and having all my stuff here; I asked myself the very question you see in the title: When do you call somewhere 'home'? Is there a certain point? A checklist? A time-frame? I'm not really sure but when I stay in my flat it does feel rather... 'homey' Y'know? And I'm not talking boys in the hood homie either, I'm talking about the fact I'm actually enjoying where I'm staying. It feels nice to have my own space and now that the l; laptop, Xbox and everything's here, I myself, am beginning to feel a more humble abode feeling to the whole of this new place.

 It's not just that but my flatmates feel like good people too, I like them quite a lot and I know for a fact I could have done much worse then the four people I've got now. Last night was proof of that, they were fun and friendly and we had a blast; which is what you need I think as you move into foreign areas, a nice relaxed environment with plenty of joy or laughter. If you start as you mean to go on, you can't really go wrong can you?

Even the city of Sheffield feels warm and welcoming as I explored today, as if there was some sort of connection and since I came here the first time it did in fact pull on my heart strings but you know how it is. It's like a calling and I simply had to answer. So, what does this mean? I dunno. I don't have a clue. I'm going out tonight and my course introduction is at 10.30 am tomorrow. Happy days. So, if you want to keep up with my Fresher's Week Shenanigans watch the youtube channel as I attempt to make a video diary of every day of the whole event! Even though it's a fortnight here in Sheffield. All I can is this is gunna get messy! Also aswell if your a tweeter follow me on twitter for even more funny antics.

 Till next time!

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