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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Prose: Creative Writing Exercise - Dialogue

Author's Notes: So, in today's lecture we were talking about Characters and Dialogue and we had two tasks. First we created characters and then in pairs we were told to make our two characters engage in a dialogue; I was partnered with my friend Liam and his Journalist character, Alistair Foil, actually seemed to fit well with my undertaker Tobias Black. So we got this dialogue going and I actually quite liked it and said I'd finish it. I thought it'd be nice for it to go on here as like, yeah, I haven't really been doing much. Anyhoo, here goes the new remastered, polished version.

 The death of governor Quentin Beckett was a huge surprise to many, such a large local character was going to leave a huge hole in the community. It was truly a sad event and now Alistair Foil, journalist, was determined to be the man with the scoop. This was a huge story and he knew he could not mess up. In front of him sat the undertaker Tobias Black, owner of his family business Black & Sons. The two had not been together long at all. So wasting no time, Alistair took up his pen and began the interview: "What details can you give me on the funeral arrangements Mr. Black?"
"That's for the family to decide Mr. Foil, not undertakers."
Tobias' bluntness took Alistair by surprise. "I'm detecting there's something you don't want to tell me Mr.Black."
The undertaker sat up, putting his hands together in an odd triangular shape and replied with pursed lips. "Have you ever lost anyone Mr Foil?"
"I'm sorry?"
"Simple question."
"Well, yes."
"A parent?"
"Yes Mr. Black." said Alistair curtly "Why am I telling you this exactly?" The situation had become uncomfortable for Alistair, now that the interviewer had for some reason become the interviewee.
"Just interest Mr. Foil."
"Ok Mr. Black, so-"
"I lost my Dad too."
"I'm sorry to hear that but-"
"But what Mr. Foil?"
"That's not the point."
"Humour me."
"Fine." Alistair agreed begrudgingly.
"When I lost my Father I wanted to be alone. To have space, time."
"Yes, Mr. Black can we hurry this up?"
"A second Mr. Foil, my point will become clear."
"A second you have Mr. Black." spat Alistair growing more uncomfortable.
"Then a second I'll take, Mr. Foil, with all due respect I expect you like me to have wished for space yourself when your Father died. Take that as thou wilt but bearing in mind Governor Quentin was more then a politician but also a Father and a Husband and a Friend. Do you really think what you're doing is really appropriate? Would you have wished for someone to pry into your Father's funeral?"
 In that moment Tobias had completely disarmed Alistair, he had in all honesty no idea what to say. He looked at his pen and paper and then at the undertaker opposite him whom although young in years had been the victim to premature graying in his hair. Alistair began to think that maybe the graying of Tobias' hair was not to spite him but to reflect the uncanny amount of wisdom the young man had. Alistair sat in awe and was surprised as he replied to the question asked of him. "No, no I would not appreciate it at all."

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