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Sunday, 9 October 2011

REVIEW: Kerrang! Presents Nirvana Nevermind Forever

Album Name: Nirvana Nevermind Forever
Artist: Various Artists
Record Label:  Various Labels
Release Date: 24th Sept 2011

Track List:
1. Arcane Roots - Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. Framing Hanley - In Bloom
3. Deaf Havana - Come As You Are
4. Rise To Remain - Breed
5. Francesqa - Lithium
6. Young Guns - Polly
7. The Dillinger Escape Plan - Territorial Pissing
8. Kids In Glass Houses - Drain You
9. Evile - Lounge Act
10. The Black Out - Stay Away
11. Frank Turner - On A Plain
12. Spycatcher - Something In The Way
13. Dangerous! - Endless, Nameless
14. {Bonus} We Are The Ocean - Sliver

My step-dad may find it weird that I'm reviewing this album as we often argue about the fact that I'm not a big fan of Nirvana; yet, when I saw the list of bands that were going to be on this CD I was amazed. Half of my favorite bands would be playing tribute to the fact Nevermind, which in it's own right is an iconic record, had occurred two decades ago. It's older then me by a year! So, what's it like?

 The compilation itself has some cracking artist who not only wish to pay tribute to Nevermind but bring their own thing to the table in this CD. One of the songs this is probably most apparent in is the start track and probably Nirvana's most famous song Smells Like Teen Spirit covered by Arcane Roots. Now, for anyone to cover this song is pretty ambitious and everyone would probably admit you could never do it justice but Arcane Roots' take on the grunge classic is epic bringing hardcore esque guitar to an iconic track. Their emulation of the track into their own thing may cause a divide in opinion but it is skillful nonetheless and this theme continues throughout the CD. Bands continually take the songs and twist them into grunge/ their genre hybrids which actually makes the album very enjoyable to listen to. You can tell that even those whom try to keep the song to the original like Framing Hanley in the second track: In Bloom breathe new life into the track.

 And the songs on this CD not only convey the sense of respect but fun had by the bands whom have all worked on the tracks; you can actually hear that all the bands involved in the project have chosen songs close to their hearts and really had fun recording them. They probably also know they cannot be Nirvana, they cannot get the same response from these tracks as Nirvana did but that's not what the CD is to them; it's a way to pay homage and I'm not denying it gets them more publicity but Nirvana were (even if I don't like them) a huge turning point in music. so what musician would pass up the opportunity to be on this album.

 Even so, how could you choose who to put on the album? Kerrang obviously had to think hard on who to put in the compilation and in my eyes they did and awesome job with some of them. The caliber of acts on this disc is amazing and would be hard to top. Framing Hanly, Francesqa, The Blackout and many others all in the same place is pretty amazing and is pretty inspirational.

RATING: 3 & 1/2 As
Even though the album is good and I thoroughly believe there needs to be more rock artist compilations like this CD there is some issues I have to point out. Surprisingly Deaf Havana, Young Guns and Fracesqa pulled it out of the bag with their covers, I knew they were going to be good but they exceeded all my expectations almost blowing my mind like explosivo from Tenacious D. Yet, some songs just didn't cut it for me and with me already not being a Nirvana fan it was pretty much a sort of rating handicap songs like Territorial Pissings by The Dillenger Escape Plan and Frank Turner's On a Plain really didn't sit well in my gut and there were a few others like that too. I really should've liked them but just couldn't. This makes like 80% of the album good and that 20% not even worth listening to.

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