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Friday, 28 January 2011

HALO: PRISONERS OF REACH - Joint Operation SHEPARD The Courier Conundrum

(AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well, well, my work has been deemed to racy for Facebook - hang on - all I do is swear have you seen kiddies on FaceyB chatting to one and other? I mean, dang nabit! It's more racy then any language I've ever used! WHAT IS THIS ANGEL WINGS!? Anyway... to the story!) 

Reach Time: 16:30pm
Date: January 20th 2552 (7 Months and 10 Days before Reach falls)
Location:  UNSC Camp HERD'S Rest in Espoz Desert

 The tent was stifling as everyone began to leave the tent, Spyder first and quickly retuning. He seemed to babble uncontrollably on his quick return but I didn't actually catch any of it. Instead I stared intently at Johnathon still silent after the crash. The sniper lost in his own self did not notice my prying eyes, my stare went unnoticed and as I went to leave he did not even attempt to move. I couldn't leave him, while the two of us were alone I felt an uneasy knot in my stomach. I gulped. I moved towards my team mate, a trembling hand outstretched. "John... John..." I prompted "John, we need to move..."

 The blue Spartan sat frozen. Still no one had come for us; just me and Corbett still in the tent. There were a few noises outside, I felt unsteady as I continued to edge forward. Not that it stopped me at all. I was almost touching him and he was still blissfully unaware of my existence. Not a sound, nor shudder came from him. It was me who gulped and shuddered. Me whom stared from behind my silver visor and hoped to God that this strange phenomenon with Corbett would end. Then it happened, all too quick...

 The blue Spartan snapped from his daze had me in his grip, not allowing me to move from the tent. I gripped his hands but he said nothing instead looked at me and all of a sudden yelled: "I've done it" I've bloody done it?" I let him go on, unsure of what he meant and still he shook me to the point where I may actually hit him. "I bloody did it!"
"Well," went on the sniper; a sudden calm to his voice and his hands still gripped onto me despite my struggle to leave the tent "The first shot I should've ejected you guys because-"
"Well, it was a 99.9% chance of a hit. So ejection should've happened but I dodged it."
My face behind my visor lost all feeling and possibly went ghost white. I pushed the pilot off me, growling as I did so "Then what the hell happened the second time? What have you done!?" Corbett sighed and sat down looking at me, rooted to the spot in a fear that I didn't have till a few seconds ago. I could've died flying. That's why I hate flying.

"Well, I grew complacent but threw my calculations involving: wind, our position, predictions, possible positions, possible weapons and-"
"For fu-!"
"So they must be having rocket teams on mongooses!"
"You heard."
"Screw this." I stormed out slightly annoyed at Johnathon, I didn't quite know what for though; was it the fact I almost died up there or the fact the reason a key member of our team had turned mute was because he was too busy trying to think up excuses as to why he got shot down. I'd never know but on the river side, it was quiet except the buzzing crowd around the module that Spyder had managed to salvage from our falcon. I could hear it buzzing and fizzing and many a shouts. I could see the Spartans all standing to the side casually from all the camp staff. I walked towards them, only to see a confused courier circling around a cylindrical container...

 Cyph3r was laughing hysterically as Spyder wandered around the container, a look a sheer bewilderment on his face. Rod shrugged and Johnathon came moments after me and did the same. Spyder though, just circled like a hungry lion. "What am I supposed to do?" he asked us "What, is this?" I walked forward and saw that the package itself was actually addressed to Spyder. I looked around me at the Oother Tartarus members and Cyph3r tapped his helmet. I was now confused too.

 The courier proceeded to pace until I thought he'd make paths in the floor, he murmured to himself in and out like Cyph3r would and the rest of us looked on half bemused. "I never receive packages." he said to himself checking the tag once again "But it's mine, so, what am I supposed to do with it? I can't deliver it to myself... can I?" with that he picked the box up and began to delivery process; to himself. He'd swap sides of the container as to the giver and receiver of the package. I watched and deduced that when he was on the left he was giving the package and when on the right he was receiving. A warped conversation soon followed...

"Hey Spyder! This is for you."
"Why thank you Spyder, on time as usual."
"No problem Spyder, hope it's something good."
"Yeah me too."
"Well, lots of work to do. See you around Spyder!"
"Yeah, thanks again Spyder."

"Bloody hell," Spyder groaned putting the case down "This better be worth all the fucking hassle I tell you!" I looked back at Cyph3r who was still crying with laughter: "So, it's not just you then is it WOLF." The captain shook his head and simply replied "I guess not BEAR."

 The courier tapped on the containers access panel and it began to open, from inside there was a white glow and MUSE now joined TARTARUS to see what Spyder had received. He watched most intently like the rest of us as smoke actually bellowed from the package and small fireworks, confetti and party noises erupted from it. Inside was a note. What this note was attached to though was a brand new set of MJOLNIR armour. It was orange with a gold visor and whistles rang out from the expectant crowd. It was Spyder though who broke the silence and took the note in hand. He looked the armour up and down before reading the letter out loud. "Dear Spyder... yadda yadda... for your efforts... bullshit's some of that new fancy armour stuff... yadda bull yadda... you are now the honorary TARTARUS 7."

 Seven? I thought to myself, I was only four. There was only four of us but I guessed if Spyder was only an Honourary member they just gave him that number. I clapped, Cyph3r still laughed and Rod and John seemed indifferent. If this mission was going to be as hard as everyone was making out it was a good thing to have an extra pair of hands. Especially Spartan hands. Tanja nodded at me and went towards the crowd. Cyph3r was busy congratulating Spyder who's new service tag was PUMA. We were all animals now, it figured. The occasion almost made us forget that we had a job to do but silence fell as conversations ran dry.

 Spyder looked at the armour again before pacing backward from it. He looked it up and down and up and down. I didn't understand what he was doing. It was only when he turned around to me that I finally understand "One question," he asked me nicely "How the fuck am I supposed to run in that?"