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Monday, 14 March 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Growing Up is Growing Old.

You've all heard it teenagers; your parents or cohorts moaning for you to "grow up" and "to get a grip" but the thing is do you really want to grow up? Do you not already have a firm grip on reality? Because if growing up is about living your life in misery because that's what "growing up" is, I want no part in it personally. In fact I'd rather be a modern day Peter Pan, not in a Michael Jackson sense but a more... metaphorical sense where I just refuse to grow up and I suppose I already do...

 I mean you can see me in the common room on my DS getting too into my Pokemon battle, or you can see me often doing something stupid. Why not? it's fun. I like it, I enjoy living my youth at 18 and I know thousands of teenagers and kids all over the world think that too. That being young is fun. So why can't we not act like kids any more? I know we're in a world were Rhianna or Lady Gaga will release a song about dirty sex and kids in their naivety will sing along without a care in the world because they don't know what it means. Sex is everywhere too on the internet, violence with gang culture and all that sort of stuff but kids are kids; teens are teens. Why force them to grow up?

 Maybe it's not growing up that's the problem though, I suppose it's people's interpretations of the act of growing up. Some think it's literally growing taller, some think it's personality wise, some think it's residing yourself to realise that life is one big disappointment. So I may not grow up in some peoples eyes as I try to live life to the full, do stupid stuff and do things that people don't find "age appropriate" for me. But y'know what? I'm happy. Don't you think happiness is what matters? That growing up is about being happy.

 I have a grip, I have a voice and I will shout till my lungs collapse if needs be. Some say growing up is optional, I can agree and disagree but what really is growing up? And if we know what it is, is it going to be exciting anymore?