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Saturday, 26 March 2011

BLOG: 100 Posts

Well, looking back at my dashboard and I've just seen I have hit 100 posts in a little time. Last September I had no idea what I was doing, now there seems to be a lot more structure; a lot more growth from me really.

 I think it's true over the 100 posts I have posted is that I have done some serious growing, in both writing structure and person and now I'm looking back and smiling to myself because even if it's just me: I am proud. Very proud actually. I've done a lot, had a lot of interest and I want it to keep going.

 So... How do I move on from this? It is a rather poignant question; do I sit here and get complacent or push for better? Well, there's no real choice to me. I need to keep going and reaching for better; if I was to put it as a mountain trek and that I need to reach the summit, there is no way I've reached that plateau yet.

 So expect:

  • More Poetry - I've recently fell in love with poetry, I blame Drew Coles and my English Literature class but I think it's a great literary form. I'd push a lot of writer to test themselves with poetry without a doubt.
  • More Stories - It was the start of this site and it will definitely be it's end.
  • More from me - I write this, this is my dream and I want your support so I promise to do more. 

100 posts is massive, huge even, I'm not going to get lazy at the last hurdle. I love writing... Believe it!