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Monday, 4 April 2011

MONDAY MUSING: When did I get so busy?

In all seriousness now, on one of the only days where I have ONE lesson; everyone seems to want my attention.

 We all have those days, ones we used to save and then we suddenly get like really busy on that one SACRED day; I realised that today when I reflected on the activities I was to do today (ok, so maybe it didn't help I was rushing because I fell asleep) and I just sat back and asked myself: "Shit, what the hell happened to my dossing day?"

 Yeah, with uni so close and Exams you may think "Grrrr, Adderson THIS IS NO TIME TO SLACK!" (if you were to do it in my parents voice it would suddenly get a lot weirder) but you should look at it this way; I go to school all day and basically do that, so chill. Tranquilo (Spanish for calm down). (Man I Love Brackets.)

 But yeah, with two Monday musings, or wait... is it one now? Anyway, with a lot to write, homework, JAG and babysitting I'm starting to wish I was Vishnu the Indian dude with like millions of arms... Actually, I want to be the elephant headed one... the tusks are BEAST! but yeah, no racism intended I just don't have enough time. Sucks to be me it seems. Or does it...?

 If you've ever felt like this, comment let's talk about it maybe you could find a nice guy or girl who would love to blow I meant, lighten your load.

Anyway, today's meaningful lesson: ZILCH!

Ciassou x