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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

PRISONERS OF REACH - Joint Operation SHEPARD Chetan 1 – Invaders 0

Reach Time: 08:40 am
Date: January 21st 2552 (7 months and 10 days till Reach falls)
Location: BF1 of Covenant Research Facility, Corridor 7AIIZ

 Casey stood ready, staring down Chetan; whilst I, myself still disorientated advised Tanja to put her helmet back on. I looked at Ellen and Spyder; lost as to what to do with myself. My rifle was too far away for me to make a grab for and Casey’s ruse with his own rifle would soon wear off, there was no way he could pull that trigger in enough time to out gun the needlers pointed at us. I coughed and Tanja after putting her helmet back on also pointed her gun towards Chetan.

 “You don’t honestly think you can win do you?” the white Spartan laughed “Renuku is a talented tactician! He predicted everything; your mission objectives, your mixed teams, the final team sets and even the most likely entrance points…” I held my head as he continued his boastful monologue “He even knew your emotional reactions to Casey, the hostages and that communications terminal would slow you down in time enough for me to ambush these two and come back for you. He is such a great mind, like myself.” Tanja moved forward leaving me at the back as her and Casey stood opposite Chetan, ready. I still felt faint. Which Chetan noticed: “Feeling faint back there Warrant Officer Orso?”

 I looked up, my vision beginning to blur slightly and my head beginning to spin. The heat was unbearable, I could felt myself sweating. “That’s another of Renuku’s tactics as well… can you hear it… just for you Orso, that almost silent screaming sound in your ear. He hacked into your system, planted it in yours for you are the expert, he said you were a high priority target.” I felt stupid as Chetan continued to gloat over me, that I hadn’t noticed in all this time the ringing like a dog whistle in my own ear. It was directed at my inner ear, throwing me off balance. He just continued and I fell to one knee, incurring Casey’s wrath as I did: “Will you pull yourself together!?”

 The red Spartan stood forward and pushed Tanja back, signalling her to help me and I watched through my visor what followed. Casey walked up to Chetan’s needlers, proud and tall “Shouldn’t the puppeteer be at the back, out of harm’s way? Aren’t you all meant to be cowards?”
“True as that maybe,” replied Chetan swiftly, dropping his needler and grabbing Casey’s arm “Captain Pastor will know what I mean when I like to lead by example and from the front.” I saw Casey had no chance as Chetan without any hesitation, launched a barrage of blows into his ribcage with lethal proficiency; Chetan knew where to hit, what force and watched as Casey crumpled to the floor holding his midsection leaving just me and Tanja…

I didn’t know what to do as he came closer to us, I stood limply trying desperately to get my tact pad to do its job; to get this ringing out of my ears but all my motor functions were failing miserably, it looked as though I’d have to fight in this state of agony.

“Where do you think you’re going,” coughed Casey taking off his helmet, blood running from his mouth “There is no way… we are… done yet.” It looked as if it was taking all his energy just to get him off the ground and when he stood he adopted a similar stance to mine; he was broken and beaten with his knees shaking and his eyes glazed. “I still have a score to settle with you!”
“Haven’t you had enough?”
“What’s a matter mastermind, scared?”
 A hint of orange also moved on the floor, Spyder gripped wildly at the ground. His head must have been still spinning as he lifted it up, shaking, to lift himself off the ground. He looked at Ellen and rose defiantly, dragging himself next to Casey “No way am I done with you either, you can’t just whack someone from behind like that!” The two off them both looked on last legs but stood together against the common enemy. “You two have been beat; you can either surrender now or face harsh consequences…” Chetan wasn’t joking either, I looked at Tanja, her image becoming all the more hazy and also dragged myself to the line, making it three very damaged Spartans versus the one enemy we had to defeat. The odd still didn’t look very promising. “Then you’ve made your choice…”

 What happened next seemed to be a blur as Spyder pushed his boy to what seemed to be it’s limit, screaming in pain as he rushed forward using his amazing speed. The orange flash though was met in turn by Chetan’s right fist blocking the strike and with his left hand drawing an energy sword from his belt and powering it up for use. Spyder continued regardless though, every blow he threw being blocked and countered masterfully by his opponent until the pieces all fell into place for Chetan, in one move he managed to get behind Spyder and plunged the energy sword deep into the back of his knee. I’d never heard such a scream of sheer agony in my life. Spyder couldn’t move but Chetan, showing no mercy, twisted the sword and retracted it leaving Spyder’s leg to crumple like paper and leave him clutching it on the floor. Still screaming…

 Casey and me looked at each other then back at Tanja who was trying desperately to wake Ellen; we were cut off now… We had no communication lines, no support and no medic. I’d already admitted defeat it wasn’t until Casey pushed me back that I had realised Chetan had gone for me before him, I was just a daze until that point looking at Spyder. I woke up after the push falling back and smashing my fist own at my tact pad for it to do something, anything, which would help. The ringing suddenly stopped and in the heat of battle, the red and white Spartan’s looked at me as I lunged taking the both off their feet and making Chetan drop the sword. I had to do something, I had to protect Tanja and Ellen, and I had to survive. I’ never known myself to be so savage but I tore through Casey to get at Chetan myself like with Emile I just kept raining punch upon punch upon him until he brushed me off. My vision began to straighten out but all it was Casey batted off easily as Chetan at first targeted his hands and then went for the shoulder. All I heard Casey say was “Oh shit.” Before he hit the deck with a thunderous roar of noise, hitting his bare head on the solid concrete floor. It left me, alone…

“Well, well Orso…”
“Well, well Chetan…”
The two of us stared each other down and I kicked the energy sword away from the two of us, “You can’t win Orso.” Gloated Chetan “You’ve not recovered enough yet, this last itch effort will have you killed, or…”
“Or what?”
“You could join me?”
“You talk waaaaaay too much.”
One last attempt, that one lucky shot was all I needed. I knew it and Chetan knew it but I wasn’t taking him by surprise this time I was going head on with still slightly blurry vision and shot motor skills but I just needed to hold out a little more. I knew I could for Tanja to get away. With each attack came a parry knocking me back two steps. I could seem to do nothing but loose ground and feel my brain rattle inside my skull with every shot. “That all?” I taunted stupidly “Come on!” and so Chetan did. I never even saw it coming. I just remember one knee giving way completely dropping me to the floor and his kick coming from above and landing straight down on top of my head. I was gone, I fell to the floor battling to keep my eyes open, my comrades on the floor wailing, Tanja firing but not hitting an ultimately Chetan subduing Tanja and dragging her away by the arm…

 I tried to call out to her, to anyone but my eyes fell shut and I was down for the count…