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Monday, 2 May 2011

MONDAY MUSING: I will not die here!

With all that happens in this crazy little thing called life; it's easy to see why people become stuck where they were born. It happens sometimes you live and die somewhere.

However, looking at what I want to do and be and where I want to go; THERE IS NO WAY THAT THIS HAPPENING TO ME! I can't be a famous poet living in inter-breeding small town that I live in. No one know's where it is, it's inhabitants think they're something special and I want to be better. It's really that simple. I've been thinking about going Uni and getting away from here and never coming back! Despite the fact that apparently this place is like a black hole that never lets you go I want to escape and I will!

 If I want to be somebody, I need to go somewhere.

I just can't deal with being here for longer then needs be...