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Sunday, 8 May 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: We are the Ocean - Go Now And Live

Album Name: Go Now And Live
Artist: We Are The Ocean
Record Label: Hassle Records
Release Date: 25th April 2011

Track List:
1. Trouble is Temporary, Time is Tonic
2. What it Feels Like
3. The Waiting Room
4. Run Away
5. Trials and Tribulations
6. Overtime is a Crime
7. Godspeed
8. Now and Then
9. Follow What You Need
10. Before I die

From the offset of their second "real album" (if you don't count their EP) the WATO lads solidify what they began in Cutting Our Teeth (2010) which was the gradual move over from a screamo/ post-hardcore sound to a more pop-punk-esque style. It seems as if the EP was one side of the bridge, Cutting Our Teeth was the actual bridge and Go Now and Live is after the crossing of said bridge and ending up on the other side. Personally I think as a long time fan, it's nice to be able to see the change in one of my favourite bands throughout their CD releases. However, some fans have been by the change in We Are the Ocean seen on this record but I personally like the way in which the band has come together now as a more dual vocalist kind of set up with Dan Brown and Liam Cromby sharing vocal responsibility rather then the old one howler and one song bird routine that has been coined by bands such as Yashin and Alexisonfire. The band on this album have made a tactical decision in what would go better with the new pop-punk like sound in terms of vocal styles.

 The two released singles from the album 'The Waiting Room' and 'What it Feel Like' are prime examples of the change that WATO have made and all the songs on the album radiate a new sort of professionalism from the band which was not apparent in their other earlier releases. This energised new sound from We are The Ocean, shows that there is a band who want to rule the world behind these tracks and I believe that one day they might after the great display of skill that's on this album. The lyrics and music are pure genius and I think the WATO lads should be pleased with what they have managed to create on this album. Even though, it's not like 'Nothing Good Has Happened Yet' and 'Save me Said The Saviour' which are considers WATO's most iconic songs. On this album are some real Anthems that will have crowds up and down the country singing along.

 Although Kerrang! rated the Album only 3 K's making it sound pretty average in terms of a Kerrang! review; I think it's a bit more special then that. I think this album optimises a band growing up. Its about them finding a sound and I think if they stick to the one here on this album there is nothing but conquest set before the quintet; my favourite song from the album 'The Waiting Room' is possibly one of the  best singles to date. I highly recommend buying (or downloading, you cheap skanks) Go Now and Live and making it the soundtrack of your summer because of the awesome, soft melodies are perfect for road trips or just taking the time to chill out with friends: which is what we kids do in the summer.

BLOG: Good to be back!

Well, it's been a while since the authorial has seen any real action; it sucks but... it happens when we live in such a chaotic world with two real massive projects. I think of it as HALO is my like, left hand because it's based on something not from my imagination; it's the fact I'm taking someone else's brainchild and moulding it into something. Kind of like a half sculpted pot, I'm just adding my own little bits, y'know?

 While Dead West (which Of Chapter 1 I immensely proud) is my right hand, that's all me that one and with the sheer mass of writing I'm having to do to release it chapter by chapter it's very nice to see it go up on the web. It puts into perspective the weeks it took to write those 5 A4 pages and when people comment on it, it reminds me that it's not all for nothing. That there are people reading, for that sirs and madams I am grateful.

 So, it's good to be back and after a weekend with the Old Man; I've managed to get my hands on two really good CDs which I shall review on here sometime as well as: see who I need to see; do my homework; do my student accommodation and finance; and the like...

 So watch this space, I want to get back into the writing stuff.
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