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Monday, 9 May 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Download Killed The CD Star

In the 80's video killed the radio star; if we look into the present it's downloads killing CD. And to be honest it's not hard to see why...

 Album's are expensive with shops like HMV holding the high street monopoly and with delivery times on online shopping it's no wonder that CD sales are falling and it's hard for bands to make a living. You can download a CD for free and in a couple of minutes thanks to torrent sites and things like limewire and iTunes well, that's handy but no one's going to pay almost a quid a song. I'm sorry to say  Apple, you just got it all wrong.

 The things I have is I like having CDs just having hard copies and a collection I think, is very nice and CD quality is a lot better then MP3. I hate having non hard copies; it's like copied DVDs I hate them because I have to search through endless discs when in a normal collection all I'd have to do is look at the cover; that's what I also like about CDs I can just grab it and identify it straight away, no browsing through endless amounts of library just an easy 1, 2 and boom done!

 It's quick simple and easy and not to mention safe, my CDs aren't just going to sprout legs and take off like files sometimes do on computers... just me then?

 Anyway, I really like CDs lining my shelf, I like DVDs and I like books but everything is going digital so soon we'll all be robots plugged into all sorts of crappy machines and sacrificing quality. I mean bands work hard to do what they do to make these CDs I think it's fair we appreciate that. I really do. Plus they are better quality. I dunno what the future holds for CDs... I just think they'll go like Vinyl...