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Thursday, 12 May 2011

VLOG: Well, this is new....

Why hello there Authorial fans today's the day we see the Authorial hit a new dimension and that dimension is: VIDEO!

 Okay, so it's not HD quality and professionally edited but I'm quite proud of this video considering I'm only just getting started on the whole movie editing thing! It's got some bite to it thanks to the grittiness and like I said I'm really proud.
Anyway, the Authorial now has a Youtube channel I'd check out and follow and stuff in order to see some more video action because yes there will be videos on there you do not see on here! So, check it out! This video is more a genral intro to the whole Authorial and the fact we're using videos, it's explaining what I do and how to navigate the site. That's it's use for now but soon we'll have a lot more fun on these videos of mine as I get to grip with the software and we get into some more juicy topics. Anyway check out the channel: comment any suggestions or requests, rate and like to help me out and I hope to get you some chapters done this weekend sirs and ladies!

Ciassou! x