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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

BLOG: Idea, developing.

Well this new idea I've been having has received some really positive feedback and stuff and the Title suggestions have been great. I'm really appreciating what you guys are doing for me so, do not panic once this is all sorted out HALO and Dead West will resume and I will film another video log show casing my own personal bookshelves. Why? Because you can tell a person by their bookshelf and you can see a writers influence from books they read themselves.

 Anyway, I've taken on board the criticism that thye story has too many characters so i may get rid of two of the bad guys and instead make MARQUIS DA SILVA the main antagonist of the project rather then have multiple. As well as getting rid of them I may scrap Bella's friend and instead call Bella, Orsa because the name Bella always remindsme of Twilight and you know what, I really cannot be doing with that.

 Anywa, I'd still appreciate your suggestions, opinions and so on so please check back to the last Monday Musing (which is now ever so easy thanks to the tab system at the top of the page) and comment that with anything you want to say about the new project idea. Like I said thanks to those who have and I really look forward to seeing this come to fruition.