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Saturday, 4 June 2011

BLOG: X-Men First Class, Sounds class.

 Now as a long time X-Fan; I was way more then excited at the announcement of a new X-Installation. Especially one that took you right back to the beginning; to a young Charles Xavier and Magneto battling it out on the same side like we've always heard about but never saw. It just looks amazing with a cast of awesome characters: I mean, some of it's confusing like Havok's involvement in the film when he is Cyclops' little brother but you know, creative licensing you know.

 And not only is the younger days of these two great leaders awesome but Beast's story and the setting of the film against the cold war as well as long time bad guys The Hellfire Club are setting the visuals up to be amazing. We have Banshee flying, Havok's energy power's, Mystique and Azael. I mean, it's not going to get any better then having James Macavoy on board!


Still not quite fancying the choice on the theme song being Love Love from Take That. I mean, for god sake what on Earth or who on Earth was taking so much crack as to set Take That on an Action packed Super Hero film for God sake. Now all I can imagine is having the gay ramblings of Gary Barlow in the back ground of Magneto kicking some serious ass. Like, seriously now... what the hell?

But I suppose, I should give it a chance. I'm going to go watch it; the nerd I am. Take That or no Take That. So... Let's join the class!