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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

POETRY: Atlas & I

Atlas and I
We’re one in the same –
Two soldiers in the same war
Our shoulders bearing tremendous weights
Our worlds propped up
By the sweat of our brows.

Me just a man,
Him a giant
But these fragile worlds
That we struggle to hold
We take with pride
And hope the best for it.

But imperfect are we
And therefore flawed
And unable to take the weight from others
Their problems, they force on us
Their dramas that unfolds on our backs
And the grip loosens with such additions

And fear flickers across my face
As my fragile world threatens to fall
As my arms begin to give way
The world begins to roll to the floor
My world about to shatter – To be destroyed.
Because I wasn’t strong enough.

And Atlas and I
Our worlds on our backs
Fear the moments of weakness
That take hold
Make us want to give in
Just as we remember how important there worlds are.

And with all the people relying on me;
To hold this world up
To be strong
To not let go, ever.
To be their rock
And for them I will be.

My world on my shoulders,
It can be a burden
It can weigh tonnes
It can seem hopeless
I can seem not enough
But it’s important

Me and Atlas;
We are one in the same –
We protect our worlds.

POETRY: A Real Life Mr. Darcy.

Heroes in real-life
Are all Byronic
Dark and brooding
Not knights in shining armour
All tragic, all misunderstood.

And me, myself, apparently am,
A writer, a gentleman,
A sorry lot.
A rough ride
But a dying breed.

A real life Mr. Darcy
My pride my defence,
My character indefinable
And prejudices
That rule my head.

Keeping a stiff upper lip,
Not letting on,
Not letting others understand
That I can be something;
I could be a hero.

And although you may hate me,
Your opinion of me skewed
I may be narcissistic
In your eyes, I may be the devil
But I am more

This Mr. Darcy has a heart,
I feel, I may not show it
But I do.
I feel for all –
My appearance: a fa├žade.

So, am I oen of those Byronic heroes?
Misunderstood, a surprise,
A heart of gold,
Surrounded by darkness
Hidden from the world.

And now, that you see
See me for all I am
Now I’ve shown you
I can be amiable
I really can.

So me, this walking fiction
A real life Mr. Darcy
Your Byronic hero
A heart of gold –
Just seeming to have too much pride.

BLOG: Poetry's coming back to the Authorial!

 With all that's going on recently I haven't had many opportunities to seriously sit down and have a good old writing session. Any sort of writing I have done I've been preparing and showing to people in relation to The Bridgeport prize; which I still need to write a short story for by the 20th so I can get it in the post and off for the 30th. It's been scary but I'm pretty happy with the support and stuff I've been getting from some people. So, now that poetically I've finished for Bridgeport and I'm now moving on to completing my short story I can now inform you that two new poems shall be on the Authorial today.

 After showing all three poems I considered sending to Bridgeport to certain key individuals, a majority has been reached, a poem selected and now the other two are free to be published on the web (for one of of the conditions was I was not allowed to submit any published work, even self published on the Authorial). This gives me great delight to have some REAL content on the Authorial again. Not that Musings and Blogs aren't real content but more imaginative content I mean. That is what the Authorial is for, it's a place where I leak creativity and show it off to the world. If show it off is the right word. I'm not sure but you'll see TWO new poems tonight and I'm happy with how they turned out.

Anyhow, good luck with any Exams that are going down at the moment guys!