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Monday, 20 June 2011


No, I haven't gone mad and predicted the end of the world or something stupid like that; in fact, I'm just reflecting that my school life at Rushden is coming to an end after Wednesday and I was just wondering...

What's the plan?

Well, obviously for the summer; get a job. It'd be nice to not be sitting on my arse all day really. I'd like to be able to do something and have some WONGA in my pocket at the end of the month and then it prepares me for the all important day of RESULTS.

Now, results day is going to go one of two ways: Good or bad. Simple as that. It is appropriate that I plan for both sides of that coin and I have been. For if it goes well: Go to Sheffield Hallam and live the dream. It's what happens if I fail that stuff is going to be a bit... hectic. First there'll be the issue of not wanting to live with my folks no more once I hit 20; I'd stay in a hostel if needs be but I can't sit and impose on them because I messed up. It's just wrong. So, I think, what I may do is call Connections (y'know the youth work people) and get some back up plans going for apprenticeships in publishing companies or something like that so I can still be involved with literature. It'd be nice. Then I'd have the money to afford a small flat, move out, get my arse on the road and get a successful career after not going Uni. Well, hopefully...

 But you never know I may be stuck here forever (kill me now if that's the case) but I tell you what even if results doesn't quite go my way I know it'll knock me down but I also definitely know that it won't keep me out. SO WATCH OUT!