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Monday, 18 July 2011

NEWS AND UPDATES: Technical Difficulties

Well, I'm already making use of the news and updates section. Just a quick thing about something we all encounter with technology and that my friends is technical difficulties! Due to tech problems with my web cam, the youtube video has not been filmed, therefore it has not been posted and therefore I have not been able to continue with the rest of the projects that are reliant on said video. So, I'm sorry but there may be delays until I can sort out the source of the problem and make way in fixing it.

NEWS AND UPDATES: There's now a News and Updates section?

 I thought it'd be useful if I did a section that was more practical to use as notices and updates rather then massive paragraphs. The news and Updates section will contain any form of news concerning my welfare or something cool coming to the authorial as well as updates on deadlines, delays or technical mishaps. There will be some positive updates too not just ones about things going wrong. So, here's the first one!