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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

VLOG: Technical Difficulties DEFEATED!

After a bloody long delay due to technical difficulties; which I believed I solved by the way the Adderson Authrial Bookclub update is live! Meaning I can now start to move forward with the projects that have been dependent on it. This video is only a short one; a quick update to explain a few things that are going to outlined below this paragraph.

The update tackles the following:

  1. Just Another Gamer is no longer on the friends of the Authorial list. why? Because I'm no longer apart of it; the split is for personal reasons but it now allows me to review games on the authorial again and the first two reviews have been pitched as Fallout: New Vegas, a controversial choice by me and Batman: Arkham Asylum in preparation for Arkham City's release.
  2. That I want more people to join me on the channel, I could really benefit from some help to expand the Bookclub's functions. From debates to music interviews I'm willing to do it; I just need need people to meet me halfway (right on the boarder line!) So, get in contact with me if you want to get yourselves involved.
  3. The fact I maybe busy looking for a job in order to earn that all important cash so I can buy stuff to review.
  4.  and finally, personal reasons strike again as I'm not sure whether to continue POR and Dead West. I'd like some opinions. So if anyone could lend a hand, I'd appreciate it.
Well, that's all folks! CIASSOU!

NEWS AND UPDATES: Two new stories are ready to get under way!

Just thought I'd let you know that two new stories are in the pipeline. After hours of compiling notes for both projects; they are about to get started. The first thing I'm going to tackle is blurbs; all so I can post them on here to give you guys a teaser of what's to come. Hope you like them.