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Sunday, 31 July 2011


 After failing to bring Pilgrim to the Authorial and wishing to continue the new sense of warmth I've been feeling as I write Fantasy. I have decided on making a new serial (which will remain a serial) based on, once again, the strange but wonderful people who are often involved in my Xbox party. The serial which is going to be called BRAVESOUL is a Fantasy story about a group of friends and a magical board game which turns winning or loosing into life and death. More will be revealed as I further the creative process but work on Pilgrim may make said progress slow. Just to warn you.


I shall keep you posted!

VLOG: Fantasy as a Genre.

In this video instalment the main topic is about Fantasy as a genre in Literature. Is it all really about elves? Or is it more simply making a whole new world that is in a way magical? Not only this but I also talk about two fellow youtubers and friends as well as the new location I'm filming in! So, don't miss another great youtube moment from me; Adderson!