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Monday, 8 August 2011

MONDAY MUSING: I used to watch TV...

 I remember a time when you couldn't tear me away from a TV set, y'know? That feeling of anticipation as you waited for your favourite programme or those late nights waiting for a new season premier or even that painful hiatus all shows eventually take and the empty void it leaves now one of your nights isn't complete. Yet, now I look at myself after being a huge fan of the likes of Smallville, Heroes and others; that I no longer spend as much time watching TV, no where near as much time and it begs the question why?

 Is it because all these programmes have pretty much ended? Is it because shows like LOST destroy themselves by clutching at straws in every new series? Or just the fact that I'm loosing interest in all television and would prefer to read, write or play games? I'm not really sure because even watching cartoons nowadays is pretty darn boring, my little brother of 11 would rather watch football from years ago be replayed then the cartoons of today; he calls it preference, I call it heresy! Even cartoons are boring nowadays and after I finally got a whole channel devoted to anime on Anime Central, it was taken off air! Again, more heresy!

 And it's not just me by the looks of things, I look at people and ask them and they prefer games or Facebook to TV because stuff on the tube is just getting ridiculous. Sad a truth as it maybe it's still the truth; with soaps killing everyone off to get audiences, series being cut due to disinterest or just money being the object and seeing budget cuts: we can all see Television is going down the toilet. So, what's going to happen, is TV going to come out of the ashes and stop being so crap or are we going t soon see a future without television? There are a lot of questions really but one thing is for sure; we all wish television was a little better nowadays.