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Monday, 15 August 2011

MONDAY MUSING: Well, what do you know...?

 I've been slacking in my duties recently due to work and having to get through my training but as I write this musing down I look at the Authorial and find it hard to believe three things:

 The first of these is the fact that the Authorial is almost a year old. Yes, that's right on the 9th of September 2011 the Authorial will have made it till it's 1st Birthday; now, that may not be so surprising to you as readers because until recently I have always been quite active but when I look back at it myself, I never really thought that it would take off like it has. I didn't think I'd be sitting on almost 150 posts nor over 9,000 hits. In fact I always thought I'd get bored and move on pretty quickly but that has not been the case really and I'm happy about that. Without this I would never have had the input people have made nor the great time with my friends. The Authorial has been a great project and almost like a great friend helping me through tough and difficult times and other such trials. This is a nice thing and unbelievable thing and I have nobody else to be more grateful to then YOU, the reader for sharing these awesome times and adventures with me. Admittedly, I've dived in head first at some points and not had a clue as to what I was doing but as the occasion of a 1st Birthday suggests: it has worked and I am so grateful for that.

The second fact is as mentioned previously I'm currently sitting on 135 (this will take it up to 136) posts. Now there's 365 days in a year right? That means that for almost half the days of the year I was posting to you guys which is pretty intense when I think about it and probably why now that I am busy with work and stuff and never seem to have the time, I miss the Authorial so much. It is a huge part of my life and I do devote hours of my time to it and you can now see that with not just the posts but the lifespan of the Authorial. I don't just sit and write stuff, I draft, I edit, I design, I plan and much more so the Authorial does take up a large part of my life but that makes me very happy because I know if I want to reach my dream of being a published author, then a few days here and there is nothing compared to the sacrifices I'll have to make for that. Furthermore, it gets me in good practice for the future and using comments and the Authorial to get some great ideas. So all this time, it certainly has not been for nothing.

 The third and final fact of this musing is that the Authorial has way more views then I ever expected; I never expected to hit 1000 hits let alone the 9000+ that's going on. Whether you're a repeat visitor, a friedn, a fan, family or random: Thank you. That is all I can say for without you I am nothing. I need your backing and that's as simple as it gets, so please, relish in all your glory; you make yourself a tea and you relax because you've earnt it.

 So, I know this musing maybe misinterpretted; some may say I'm blowing my own trumpet, some may say I'm arrogant. It is neither of these things I assure you; it's just that seeing these three things and looking at what I intended almost a year ago; it's better then incredible. All I hope you do is continue to see, read and believe.