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Sunday, 21 August 2011


Because Winning and Losing...
Is now Life and Death.

When Michael 'Spiderman' Mitchell and his partner Carol come across the one of a kind table-top RPG board game BRAVESOULS; they think they've hit the jackpot. They quickly go about arranging a games night so that Spider's friends can also enjoy the game with him from creating characters to taking the final quest together as a team. However, not all is as it seems with the game. As soon as Michael puts his game piece on the board he mysteriously disappears without a trace...

 Now, his friends, their partners and Carol are all panicking as they look for him with no clues, no idea and unbeknownst to them no rules.

VLOG: Update 21/08/2011

The newest Youtube video is an update about several things that are happening both in my life and on the Authorial. These are:

1) Working at Greggs, a brief talk about enjoying my job and not talking about it on the blog or Youtube due to their internet policy. it's fair enough, I have read it and it's not unreasonable; it's safer this way too.

2) Getting into uni, it's pretty cool knowing I'm leaving for another big adventure soon! Talking about results, the nightmare it was and just my excitement at going to Uni.

3) Stuff still to come; The Authorial is far from dead! Talking about what's to come, Bravesouls and a possible Video Review!

It's pretty short and sweet but hey that's life, right? If you want also check out the XJRB1 video response on the channel that's pretty fun!