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Monday, 26 September 2011

MONDAY MUSING: If age is but a number does that rule apply for mileage?

There is approximately 84 miles between Sheffield and Worcester.
That means that there is 84 miles between me and my girlfriend, her warm smile, her beautiful blue eyes and as you can quite tell; it's not a comforting thought to know that the person to whom your heart belongs is almost 100 miles away. However, when you look at the distance between Sheffield and Northampton being approximately 82 miles in itself, I suddenly feel at ease for if home is only 2 miles shorter then where Jennifer is then it's not all doom and gloom for us.

 I can still call home, 'home', at that distance so if that applies then I can still call love, 'love', from 84 miles and I do want to still call Jennifer my love because I care a lot for her and it seems as though like age can sometimes be defined as 'just a number' I am also taking that sort of approach for the distance between me and my girlfriend.

 Now, I'm not going to lie at all: it is hard. Me and Jenni used to pretty much to be stuck to each other at the hip and we'll meet people, both of us, and our minds may wonder off for a brief second. or we may mess up completely. Yet, if that's the way it's going to work, that's the way it's going to work. I can't change that, I will try to fight the distance and spend as much as I can to see the lovely Jennifer as often as possible but the only people that can actually make distance something of a hindrance is the two of us. I know I'm not the only person who feels this way. Thousands of couples all over Britain are being ripped apart by University, well I say 'ripped' but that's forceful, so let's say separated. These couples like me are all feeling lost and confused about their other halves and some by rights have cause to be; University can be a wild time but to be honest the other half is probably thinking the exact same thing as you are when they look out into the night and wonder where their loved one is.

 So, having visited Jen and enjoyed a time that wasn't as if we hadn't seen each other in ages but instead like it was seconds since we last held hands. I am pretty sure that distance can be tackled, time can only tell but all seems positive at the moment and with plenty of time to go, I feel as if a huge weight on my shoulders has been lifted. I'm trying my best not to mess up and I may do, I probably will do but I can't live in fear of that anymore. I can't constantly be second guessing myself because my girlfriend lives so many miles away now. Others are coping. I also seem to be coping. So, with this in mind I think that after all the worry I've had deep down about the distance between me and Jen; I think we can make it through. I love her. She says she loves me (and to be honest proves it a hell of a lot of the time). It's simple and sorted. No room for error or misjudgment, I just have to live my life without regrets.

 And I don't regret anything. I love Jenni and therefore am proud of what she's managing to achieve with or without me personally. We just need to make every second we do spend with each other great and spectacular which she does without trying. So next time you think distance is an issue, kick back to reflect on what you mean by that statement: is it really and issue? or is it just one for you?

VLOG: Fresher's Video Diary 3

The second to last installment of my Freshers Video diary has a few topics in and I am desperately trying to fix the sound on my videos a lot of complaints about volume but I don't want to shout so I will work on it. I promise. However, enjoy and hopefully we'll see the final installment up today as well!