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Thursday, 5 April 2012

BLOG: It's time to make the jump.

well it looks like it's time for this blog to pass the torch to a newer one; I'm gunna miss this. Blogger, I mean. I'm still gunna try and blog but the thing is that Blogger  doesn't have the community that Wordpress has; I wonna show case my work but unfortunately The Adderson Authorial on here is far too isolated from the world. I want to make it better for not just me but my readers so...

Here's my new Wordpress.

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

BLOG: It's been a while, huh?

I know I'm beginning to make a habit of disappearing from here every so often and I know to some that is annoying because, y'know, this means that stories that they enjoy are often left and will most likely never be finished. It scares some people and others just want me back at the keyboard and stuff but I'm not sure quite as of why I'm still doing this.

 It's been three months which is admittedly a lot less then I thought it had been; it had felt like maybe years since I'd seen these screens; made some posts but all I had to do was look at my timeline and see it's not been that long at all, or has it?

 I've always found it quite scary how this blog keeps itself in my mind and how everyday there are moments when I'm like "Wow, is that even still up?" or "This would be a perfect blog post." Yet, I then come home and sit on other forms of media: watch films, play Xbox, read but never do I actually come onto the Authorial and go... "Yeah, let's write." Today has received posts because, well, I'm not going to lie to you; I've never really lied on here but I'm bored and most probably tired or maybe just maybe a sick mixture of both. Yet, I want to sit here and write here till the cows come home, my fingers tap tap tapping away as more and more of this post floods out. Should I be worrying about something like this?

 Have I really lost all that creativity?
No I refuse to believe that for a second.

 Am I bored?

 Whatever 'this' is though, it's making me make some decisions as to whether or not to carry on the blog at all and in fact deactivate it or whether or not starting again on Wordpress (I know, heresy) would be a good option, I was talking to my friend Michael about it and I have enquired into using Wordpress before but it didn't really quite tickle me at all. Now though, it seems as though my lack of skill in using Blogger as a website and using it's design features are causing the authorial to fall stagnant. Which is something I wish to avoid and the constant worry of that happening see's me trying to plan ways to prevent that instead or planning the ends of or starts of projects. Which I myself deem sad and quite daunting really. I put a lot of work into this and I'm prepared to go back to the drawing board completely because of...

Is that true?

Look at me asking you all these questions when none of them should be actually directed at you at all but at me and trust me, I am definitely asking myself the aforementioned questions but still coming up blank as to how to solve my problems. So, instead I want to post to you a question which  is in fact this:

What should I do; should I up sticks and shift the Authorial to Wordpress or seek help in making the site better?

A Return...

It's been a while...